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May 22, 2019
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June 5, 2019

There are few things more annoying than pulling a rattling, jarring trailer down the highway.

And that’s often the experience we have pulling our boats to the lake or trailers with our ATVs and deer feeders out to the lease.

Rattle Free Technologies has come up with a product called the Rattle Free Trailer Hitch Stabilizer. It promises to do the following:

*Draws the ball hitch and receiver tightly together to:

*Eliminate ball hitch side-to-side movement to reduce trailer sway for a safer, smoother towing experience; Secure the ball hitch to the receiver to reduce wear & mechanical stress; Eliminate the annoying rattle & vibration when towing a trailer.

*It is easy to install – no special tools are necessary Requires no alterations to the ball hitch or the receiver Is 3 times stronger than a standard hitch pin Is a custom polymer insert that is impervious to corrosion Is available in two models to fit 2” and 2 1⁄2” hitches Can be easily transferred from one vehicle to another

*The Rattle Free custom polymer insert is impervious to corrosion and fits into the channel of your ball hitch.

*The #5 grade bolt & nut are more than three times stronger than a standard hitch pin and are plated to resist corrosion.

The product comes with four installation instructions that were easy to following. Nothing is quite as easy as the instructions but this was pretty smooth sailing and the results were great.

Rattle was reduced to zero and once I understood the concept I could see how this would make the actual connection to the trailer and truck far safer.

There is always that little worry heading down the interstate that something could go wrong and the trailer could become detached. This should aid greatly with that and ensure those annoying rattling sounds are gone forever.

For more information click here.

Chester Moore, Jr.


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