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May 15, 2019
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May 15, 2019

One of the most intimate outdoor experiences you can have on just about any body of water is in a personal watercraft like a kayak or other personal watercraft like a SUP or round boat like the ones from Roundabout Watercraft or UltraSkiff. I learned this first hand about kayak fishing in my own experiences as well as from Ryan Jones with a manufacturing rep group we work with here at TF&G. I had a chance to interview Ryan on our Texas Fish & Game podcast The Best of the Outdoors at a recent outdoor writer’s event. In Ryan’s view, a big boat is the “conqueror versus the conquered” or man versus fish. But a small paddled or motorized personal watercraft is much more close to the water where you can experience nature on a whole new level and a more intimate way as well.

Many innovations have come about in the world of small boats and the number of accessories you can outfit yours with is amazing. One piece of gear that every angler should consider in this realm of small boat gear is a shallow water anchoring system like the Power-Pole Micro ( which is specially designed for kayak fishing. If you don’t want to use a battery or optional Battery Pak and Charger with your Micro system, you can invest in the Power-Pole ultra-lite spike or heavy duty spike ( which require no batteries and can serve a great purpose on the water.

With the stability of personal watercraft today and the incredible advancements in inflatable kayaks and SUPs, standing up to fish in a small craft is much easier than ever before and having a good anchoring system when you get on that hot spot for fishing or get in a fight with a big hard hitter is indispensable. This is especially true when stability counts the most. A manual spike anchor or the electric Power-Pole Micro anchor are well built and are easy to remove when not in use out on the water.

The Power-Pole Micro has a lightweight, compact design and a two button remote control that gives you wireless control when it counts the most. What you are looking for in a shallow water anchor system in a small craft is something that stays out of the way when not in use and a strong but silent hold when deployed. Many bay boat and bass boat owners use the Micro as a side mounted anchor near the front end of the boat for increased leverage. This is another good use of this model of quiet and compact shallow water anchoring system. Having total boat control is the name of the game and good anchors are a key to that time after time again.

No matter what kind of personal watercraft you pilot via manpower or a motor of some kind, there is a Power-Pole product for you. Learn more at

Dustin Warncke


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