COASTAL FORECAST: Baffin Bay – July 2019

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June 24, 2019
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June 24, 2019

Baffin’s Best Year Yet

BAFFIN BAY has been hot all year and this summer is no exception. Beautiful grass beds, grass lines, sand bars, drop offs, and clear water have created so much beauty in this mysterious bay system.

The plethora of bait in the bay is overwhelming and so is the population of all the big predators. It’s been fun to watch the development of one of the best years of fishing that Baffin Bay has so generously offered.

Large concentrations of baitfish have always been the key to finding good feeding fish, but this year, there have been large “rivers of mullet” that follow the shorelines. Below these “rivers” you will find trout and redfish feeding along the currents, which carry not only mullet along, but shrimp, crabs and other bait fish like shad and menhaden.

Find this bait, catch fish.

Soft plastics are good, such as Saltwater Assassin Die-Dappers in “Snowstorm”; four-inch Sea Shad Paddle Tails in “Fried Chicken”; “Sugar and Spice”; and other natural colors. These lures, used with the famous “Black’s Magic” 1/32nd ounce jig head, have been magical.

Other great lures include the Kelly Wiggler Willowtail in light and natural colors, and the Gambler Flappin’ Shad in “Key Lime Pie” along with the Little EZ paddle tail in the same color. These have all worked fantastically in the clear waters of Baffin Bay, catching lots of good-sized and trophy sized speckled trout.

Top water lures and even slow-sinking twitch baits are still catching big fish, especially really early in the morning when the big girls are up super shallow. Find the right presentation and fish it until the bite changes.

That kind of excitement is really hard to beat. Although wade fishing using artificial lures is really the most effective approach to catching a lot of fish, we offer drift fishing as well.

Changing the subject, the summer months are prime time for fly-fishing. Sight casting to redfish, black drum, trout and flounders while walking in ankle-deep water with a fly rod is more than addictive.

Baffin Bay Rod and Gun now has a fly-casting practice pond. If you’re a beginner or someone who just needs a tune up, we can get out there and get a little practice in before the on-the-job training begins on the water. With all the grass, sand strips and clear water this year, we’ll have fly fishing daily, all summer.

Not sure you’re ready to toss the fly? Spinning and casting anglers can sight cast using curly-tailed Gulp “Swimming Mullet” to these same fish with the same results. They work especially great on black drum, which is the most underrated game fish on the Texas Coast (plus, they are delicious to eat).

An eight or a nine-weight fly rod is the best gear to bring, along with matching weight-forward floating line, attached to a seven-foot tapered leader. Twelve pound tippet is sufficient.

Any light colored clouser, crab or other small, furry creature tied with bead-chain eyes on a #4 or #2 hook will bring the bacon home. Since there is no shoreline pressure on Baffin Bay, the fish that hang out there are feeding, and they are easy to catch. Come and give this a try if it’s on your list of angling adventures.

We even have two guides with poling skiffs now at the lodge (Capt. William Townsend and Capt. Hector Lopez). If you’d rather be poled around on a boat instead of wade, that option exists.

We are an Orvis Endorsed Lodge for fly fishing, so we offer their quality gear for you to use or purchase right here at the lodge.

Whether you’re drift fishing the rocks, the expansive grass flats, wade fishing with artificials or being poled through super skinny water holding a fly rod, this summer on Baffin Bay will be one of its best. The conditions this year could not be better and the ensemble of guides and staff at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun will make it even more fun and relaxing.

This team of people is devoted to your happiness and your fishing goals. All of this, plus a refreshing swimming pool in a very private setting makes bringing your friends, family or business guests here for a full day adventure.

We call Baffin Bay Rod and Gun “The Last Best Place on the Texas Coast” for a great reason. It is.. Take a trip to the back of Baffin Bay to relax, catch fish and have a Five-Star adventure and experience. Hope to see you this summer.


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