HOTSPOTS: Freshwater – July 2019

SPORTSMAN’S DAYBOOK-Tides & Prime Times – July 2019
June 24, 2019
HOTSPOTS: Saltwater – July 2019
June 24, 2019


• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •
LOCATION: Toledo Bend Lake
HOTSPOT: Clear Creek
GPS: N 31 11.616, W 93 39.762
(31.1936, -93.6627)

Toledo Bend Lake

Toledo Bend Lake Clear Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Bass: Dropshot rigs, Carolina rigs, deep crankbaits | Crappie: minnows, jigs
CONTACT: Mike Knight
[email protected]
TIPS: “The bass fishing should be great this time of year but T-Bend in the summer is a deep, deep water fishery. Look for bass in 25 to 35 feet on river ledges, humps or channel conflu-ences. Crappie will be bunched up on man-made brush piles in 20 to 25 feet.”
• • •
LOCATION: Caddo Lake
HOTSPOT: Alligator Bayou
GPS: N 32 43.176, W 94 5.4419
(32.7196, -94.0907)

Caddo Lake

Caddo Lake Alligator Bayou

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: 6-8-inch 1/8 oz. Texas rigged trick worms in colors of June bug or redbug, 1 oz. Tex-as rigged beavers or creature baits in colors of June bug or watermelon/chartreuse, top water lures, weightless flukes, frogs
CONTACT: Caddo Lake Guide Service/Paul Keith
[email protected]
TIPS: Fish this bayou by concentrating on creek bends and intersections. The edges of the bayou where you have grass and lily pads are the key. I like to work the edges in the bends with the worm. The 1 oz. punch rig is for pitching into the grass in 2-4 feet of water in these same are-as. Keep a topwater or weightless fluke handy this time of the year for schooling bass in these areas. Frogs over the pads can be a good choice also.

LOCATION: Lake Conroe
HOTSPOT: Main Lake
GPS: N 30 29.3099, W 95 35.22
(30.4885, -95.5870)

Lake Conroe Main Lake

SPECIES: Catfish
BEST BAITS: Primos dipping bait
CONTACT: Richard Tatsch
[email protected]
TIPS: Locate stumps lining the river channel edge and tie off in 20 to 25 foot of water. Use a bag of cattle cubes to bring the fish to you. I will dump a half bag of cubes in two different lo-cations and come back to the first, tie up and get my boat back in the same position. Using a spinning reel with a treble hook, an 1/8 ounce egg sinker and a piece of cut sponge wrapped around it; dip it in the dipping bait and drop it to the bottom. Stay in contact with the line on the bottom, raising the bait up and down slowly, until you feel some resistance. Then set the hook! On most days you can catch limits of fish in just a few hours. Bank Access: Stowaway Marina

HOTSPOT: 515 East & West Bridges
GPS: N 32 53.784, W 95 31.656
(32.8964, -95.5276)

Lake Fork

Lake Fork 515 East & West Bridges

SPECIES: Crappie
BEST BAITS: Live minnows or crappie jigs in chartreuse pepper or June bug chartreuse
CONTACT: Doug Shampine
[email protected]
TIPS: July crappie fishing is always good on Lake Fork. This is the time to get the family on the lake and catch a mess of crappie to take home or learn to catch crappie which is especially great for the kids. I am fishing brush piles in 18-22 feet of water using jigs or minnows. The 515 East and West bridges or the 154 bridge will also be holding crappie in the 20 foot range.

HOTSPOT: Birch Creek
GPS: N 32 54.972, W 95 38.7719
(32.9162, -95.6462)

Lake Fork

Lake Fork Birch Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Finch Nasty 5/8 oz. bass jig rigged with a Grandebass Airtail Wiggler or a 1/2 oz. football Shakey Head rigged with an Airtail Wiggler
CONTACT: Lance Vick
[email protected]
TIPS: “July is the month to catch deep fish on offshore structure and the hotter it gets, the bet-ter the bite is this time of year. Timing is key as the bite gets better later in the day. The sun starts the Algae bloom which gets the plankton moving which gets the shad moving and posi-tions the fish on the bottom . Hard bottom high spots like points, ridges and humps will have fish. When the sun starts cooking and the bass get on the bottom position your boat where you can throw past the fish and bring jig to them the fish will be pointed into the wind, so it is best to bring the lure to their face.
Lots of cold water and patience and the dog days of summer can produce some of the year’s best fishing. Good fishin all!”

LOCATION: Lake Livingston
HOTSPOT: 190 Road Bed
GPS: N 30 46.932, W 95 5.94
(30.7822, -95.0990)

Lake Livingston

Lake Livingston 190 Road Bed

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: White and green 1 oz. jigging slabs, Tsunami 1 oz. Zombie eye jigs, trolled pet spoons
CONTACT: David S. Cox, Palmetto Guide Service
[email protected]
TIPS: July is a structure fishing month for Lake Livingston white bass. The 190 road bed, Pine Island and Dove Island are some great spots to find Whites on structure. Use your fish finder and GPS to locate the fish and then drop the slabs to the bottom and jig up and down. Look for bites on a falling jig. Fifteen foot humps will hold fish on top of the humps and on the side of the humps. You can find some of the best GPS coordinates in the 2019 Texas Lakes and Bays fishing atlas, also published by Texas Fish & Game. Lake Livingston consists of 90,000 surface acres of water and 450 miles of shoreline making it a fantastic lake. BANK ACCESS: Harmon Creek Marina

LOCATION: Sam Rayburn Lake
GPS: N 31 11.136, W 94 4.0739
(31.1856, -94.0679)

Sam Rayburn Lake

Sam Rayburn Lake Buck Bay

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Bass: Carolina-rigged 10” worms, deep diving crankbaits | Crappie: minnows, jigs
CONTACT: Mike Knight
[email protected]
TIPS: Sam Rayburn should have good bass fishing this time of year. July is an offshore month like in my Toledo Bend report but usually not as deep. Humps and ledges in 12 to 20 feet with Carolina rigged 10” worms or deep running crankbaits should work. The crappie are the same all over east Texas and can be found in 20 to 30 feet deep over man-made brush piles.

LOCATION: Toledo Bend North
HOTSPOT: Huxley Area Main Lake Points
GPS: N 31 46.2179, W 93 50.094
(31.7703, -93.8349)

Toledo Bend North

Toledo Bend North Huxley Area Main Lake Points

SPECIES: Black Bass & White Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water plugs, crankbaits, plastics, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits
CONTACT: Greg Crafts, Toledo Bend Guide Service and Lake Cottages
[email protected]
TIPS: Concentrate on the main lake points close or falling off into the river channel. Early and late, throw Rat-L-Traps, top water plugs, buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and shallow diving crankbaits. When the sun gets up and the shallow bite slows down, back off to deeper water and throw Texas-rigged or Carolina-rigged plastics and deep diving crankbaits for the black bass and ½ oz. to ¾ oz. spoons jigged on the bottom for the whites. Also, look for any gulls feeding on shad that the fish have pushed to the surface.


• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •
LOCATION: Lake Tawakoni
HOTSPOT: Wichita Bay
GPS: N 32 55.932, W 95 59.178
(32.9322, -95.9863)

Lake Tawakoni

Lake Tawakoni Wichita Bay

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Carolina rigs, live shad
CONTACT: Andrew Taylor, Lake Tawakoni Guide Service
[email protected]
TIPS: In July I’ll be Carolina rigging shad on 24” leaders. Typically I’m structure fishing early in the day, hitting humps and sides of embankments. After the sun gets up and the water starts to turn warm, I typically head out to deep water, around 35’-45’, and spend a lot of time on my electronics searching for schools of stripers. Once a school is located and depending on the size, I figure out how we will set up on them. If the schools are moving super-fast, I like to set up a slow drift, dragging large threadfins. If the schools seem to commit and hold under the boat, we will “Spotlock” and let them feed under us.
• • •
LOCATION: Bachman Lake
HOTSPOT: Webb Chapel Road Bridge
GPS: N 32 51.5699, W 96 51.3899
(32.8595, -96.8565)

Bachman Lake

Bachman Lake Webb Chapel Road Bridge

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Bass: spinnerbaits and chatterbaits
CONTACT: Carey Thorn
[email protected]
TIPS: This time of year bass will usually always be in 1 to 5 feet of water until August then they move out a little deeper in the middle of the lake. Spinnerbaits seem to work the best along with chatterbaits. When It gets a little warmer and it’s super bright out, fish the bridges or the rip rap where there is access to deeper water.

LOCATION: Cedar Creek Lake
HOTSPOT: Mid-Main Lake Humps
GPS: N 32 16.5779, W 96 8.226
(32.2763, -96.1371)

Cedar Creek Lake Mid-Main Lake Humps

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: 1 oz. slabs
CONTACT: Jason Barber
[email protected]
TIPS: This is the time of year when we are “slabbing humps” for white bass on Cedar Creek. Fish mid-lake humps in 12’ to 24’ foot of water with 1 oz. slabs near bottom. Various colors will work this time of year.

LOCATION: Lake Eagle Mountain
HOTSPOT: Eagle Mountain Dam
GPS: N 32 52.693, W 97 28.006
(32.8782, -97.4668)

Lake Eagle Mountain

Lake Eagle Mountain Eagle Mountain Dam

SPECIES: Hybrid, White Bass
BEST BAITS: Hell Pet or deep running lure
CONTACT: Johnny Stevens
[email protected]
TIPS: This area just north of the dam is a series of humps with deep water all around them. As the water heats up the Hybrids that have come down from lake Bridgeport during a flood hang out in this area. An effective method is to troll a very deep running lure. A Hell pet rig with a bell sinker on the front of the Hell Bender to make it run deep.

LOCATION: Fayette County Res.
HOTSPOT: Deer Stand Hump
GPS: N 29 55.944, W 96 43.7819
(29.9324, -96.7297)

Fayette County Res.

Fayette County Res. Deer Stand Hump

SPECIES: Catfish
BEST BAITS: Punch bait, cut bait
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
[email protected]
TIPS: Anchor here and throw out some sour grain as chum. Fish straight down over the chummed spot. Mark the spot with a buoy which will help you in knowing where chum is at for future reference. Use CJ’s punch bait on a #6 treble hook or cut bait on a regular hook and feel for the bite.

LOCATION: Gibbons Creek
HOTSPOT: Dam Rocky Point
GPS: N 30 36.684, W 96 3.9959
(30.6114, -96.0666)

Gibbons Creek

Gibbons Creek Dam Rocky Point

SPECIES: Crappie
BEST BAITS: Minnows, crappie jigs
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
[email protected]
TIPS: Rocks and stumps are in this area. Fish with 1/16 oz. jig in red/white or black/chartreuse or drift a minnow under cork at a 12 foot depth.

LOCATION: Granger Lake
HOTSPOT: Main Lake/Dam Area
GPS: N 30 42.498, W 97 19.962
(30.7083, -97.3327)

Granger Lake

Granger Lake Main Lake/Dam Area

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: Slab spoons
CONTACT: Tommy Tidwell
[email protected]
TIPS: “Right now is the best month for white bass in the open lake. They are feeding heavily on shad right in the middle of the day. Best times are from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM.
Look for humps or ridges out from the dam. The top of the hump being around 10’ deep and surrounding area being much deeper. Look for the whites on your sonar or spot them crashing the top. Position your boat on the top of the hump and bounce a slab spoon off the bottom. Just hop it two or three feet from the bottom. Dragging the spoon can also work. Good luck and good fishing!”

LOCATION: Lake Lavon
HOTSPOT: Tickey Creek Park Point
GPS: N 33 5.4959, W 96 28.668
(33.0916, -96.4778)

Lake Lavon

Lake Lavon Tickey Creek Park Point

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: Cohoes, slabs
CONTACT: Carey Thorn
[email protected]
TIPS: Fish main lake points in 1-18 feet. The whites should be schooling on surface in the morn-ing and then holding on structure like points with immediate deep water access. Stay within 2 miles of the dam and hit all the points. Start at the island tip. Hybrid Point is directly east of the island tip. This is a great spot with a huge flat and drop offs on edges.

LOCATION: Lake Palestine
HOTSPOT: Saline Creek
GPS: N 32 8.9999, W 95 27
(32.1500, -95.4500)

Lake Palestine

Lake Palestine Saline Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Texas-rigged Mister Twister Pocket Crawls
CONTACT: Ricky Vandergriff
903-561-7299 or 903-530-2201
[email protected]
TIPS: Lake levels have been high, and lake has been muddy. Bass fishing prospects are good, and we are pitching and flipping the tall grass in 1 to 2 foot of water. County Line Creek in Sa-line Creek flats are two great spots to try this time of the year.

LOCATION: Richland Chambers Lake
HOTSPOT: Long Arm Branch
GPS: N 31 59.196, W 96 12.2939
(31.9866, -96.2049)

Richland Chambers Lake

Richland Chambers Lake Long Arm Branch

SPECIES: White Bass & Hybrid Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Tiny Torpedo or other small top water lure, blue/chrome Rat-L-Trap
CONTACT: Royce Simmons
[email protected]
TIPS: July is one of the best summer months for white bass top water schooling activity on Richland Chambers. It seems the hotter the weather the hotter the action gets on RC as the whites will be chasing shad to the surface and feeding almost every morning. Tie on a small top water lure like a clear Tiny Torpedo or go with a blue/chrome Rat-L-Trap and you’re in business. Check out the main lake area from Fisherman’s Point Marina to the 309 Flats or if you have a nice south wind, the Long Arm branch point is always a great main lake point for schools of fish. If you get lucky and have some cloud cover and a nice breeze, the top water ac-tion can last much of the morning. It’s absolutely great for kiddos as the fish almost jump in the boat!

LOCATION: Lake Ray Roberts
HOTSPOT: Deep Water Brush Pile
GPS: N 33 24.005, W 97 2.796
(33.4001, -97.0466)

Lake Ray Roberts

Lake Ray Roberts Deep Water Brush Pile

SPECIES: Crappie, White Bass
BEST BAITS: Minnows, Small Swimbaits, Shad colored topwaters
CONTACT: Justin Wilson
[email protected]
TIPS: Summer is in full swing; the weather is hot and so is the fishing. Crappie are out on deep-er brush piles and structure. 30-40 foot water seems to be best, but shallower 20 footers are working as well. They can be caught on jigs, but minnows are the best choice. The white bass can be found schooling on top out in the deep water as well. I recommend small swim baits and topwaters, but they can be caught on just about anything flashy or shad colored. Look for them feeding heavy, early morning and late evening but keep an eye out for that boiling water at all times of the day.

LOCATION: Lake Somerville
HOTSPOT: North Schooling Area
GPS: N 30 19.638, W 96 32.064
(30.3273, -96.5344)

Lake Somerville

Lake Somerville North Schooling Area

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: Live ghost minnows, shad, silver spoons, Rat-L-Traps
CONTACT: Weldon Kirk
[email protected]
TIPS: Anchor in this area and us tight lines, fishing with ghost minnows. If fish start schooling, toss silver spoon or Rat-L-Traps into the school of fish.

LOCATION: Lake Texoma
HOTSPOT: Alberta Creek
GPS: N 33 57.54, W 96 36.012
(33.9590, -96.6002)

Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma Alberta Creek

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Top water lures, slabs
CONTACT: Bill Carey
[email protected]
TIPS: “Early morning, serval large schools will surface around the lake. These schools of fish can be a mile long and a half mile wide.
Cast Pencil Popper top water plugs for great action! After surface action ends, locate the schools of fish with your electronics. Then, vertically drop slabs and use a fast retrieve. The fish will try to pull the rod out of your hands! Bank Access: Washita Point and Platter Flats “

LOCATION: Lake Whitney
HOTSPOT: McCowan Flats
GPS: N 31 55.4519, W 97 24.6239
(31.9242, -97.4104)

Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney McCowan Flats

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: 1/2 oz. white jigs with 7” Striper Sniper Snake Worms
CONTACT: Randy Routh
[email protected]
TIPS: It’s hot and some days the fish have fed at night or real early and it turns into a reaction strike pattern. I’m using my downriggers and pulling 1/2 oz. white buck tail jigs with the lemon lime 7 and 10” snake worms from Striper Sniper Tackle ( Running the old road beds and small ledges in the McCowan flats has been productive. The depth of my baits vary depending on the depth of the fish, but most have been between 15’ to 18’. For big-ger fish that sometimes are isolated – looking like a hump on the bottom – I’m making long casts and running my downrigger balls closer to the bottom and basically skipping the jigs off the bottom. Yes, I get hung up occasionally and lose a bait or two, but the rewards of big fish are worth it. Hang on as there are some big ones on those flats!

LOCATION: Lake Whitney
HOTSPOT: Island Ledge & McCowan Flats
GPS: N 31 55.439, W 97 24.624
(31.92398, -97.410407)

Lake Whitney

Lake Whitney Island Ledge & McCowan Flats

SPECIES: White Bass
BEST BAITS: 3/4 oz. Chartreuse Slabs from
Randy Routh
[email protected]
TIPS: The thermocline has set in and the Whites are relating to a reaction strike. Bouncing chartreuse 3/4 oz. slabs on ledges above the thermocline ( 20 feet) has been catching limits daily. In the early morning, look for schooling white bass from island to dam and around the McCowan flats. You can make long cast with the slabs and let them flutter down below the schooling fish and catch the larger ones feeding on what they injure and drop.


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• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •
LOCATION: Lake Alan Henry
HOTSPOT: Little Grape Creek
GPS: N 33 2.814, W 101 3.81
(33.0469, -101.0635)

Lake Alan Henry

Lake Alan Henry Little Grape Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Spoons, swim jigs, deep diving crankbaits, Strike King 5XD or 6XD in shad color
CONTACT: Norman Clayton’s Guide Services
[email protected]
TIPS: “July will find most of the bass moved back to deep water. Usually they will be 20 to 40 feet
deep. You will need to use your electronics to find the schools of shad and the bass will be
close. You can catch a lot of bass by trolling over the channels this time of the year. Choose any creek and drag a Strike King 5XD or 6XD in shad color while following the channel, and you will catch bass. If you catch bass over and over by going over the same spot, then you can use a jigging spoon
to catch the bass. Fish fun – Fish safe!”
• • •
LOCATION: Lake Coleman
HOTSPOT: Rear Cove
GPS: N 32 2.3976, W 99 27.6871
(32.0400, -99.4615)

Lake Coleman

Lake Coleman Rear Cove

SPECIES: Largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Live shad, spinnerbaits, jerkbaits, slabs
CONTACT: Michael D. Homer, Jr., Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
[email protected]
TIPS: The coordinates listed mark an old concrete structure that is surrounded by flooded brush. Fishing that shoreline into the rear cove works best with spinner baits, whacky worms, Senkos, and trick worms to catch bass. Sunrise often produces a great top-water bite in the rear cove. Occasionally hybrid striped bass can be caught in this cove, which these fish will put up a nice fight. Anglers targeting hybrids may have the best luck using live shad for bait or spinner baits, chrome or white suspending jerk baits, or slabs.

LOCATION: Hubbard Creek Lake
HOTSPOT: Goat Island
GPS: N 32 45.764, W 99 00.499
(32.762738, -99.008317)

Hubbard Creek Lake

Hubbard Creek Lake Goat Island

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: topwaters, deep-diving crankbaits
CONTACT: Michael D. Homer, Jr., Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
[email protected]
TIPS: July is hot here. The fish know it too. Out deep around the sunken bridge and between Goat Island and the Dam are the hot spots. Bass like the deep divers and during early morning and late evening they will hit a topwater like a rocket. Call ahead for info on the boat ramp due to the water levels.

LOCATION: Lake Possum Kingdom
HOTSPOT: Gaines Bend
GPS: N 32 52.689, W 98 28.001
(32.8782, -98.4667)

Lake Possum Kingdom

Lake Possum Kingdom Gaines Bend

SPECIES: Striped, White Bass
BEST BAITS: Shad, Mister Twister
CONTACT: Dean Heffner
[email protected]
TIPS: Summertime translates into early morning bites, so set that alarm early! Shad are best, but we have found that the hotter it gets, the faster the fish want the bait moving past them. That’s why we do so good downrigging and trailing with Mister Twister Curly Tails. Watch your graph and look for fish suspended at 16 to 42 feet, in 50 feet or deeper water. The magic number has always been 24 feet. Remember: The early bird gets the worm!


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• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •
LOCATION: Lake Amistad
HOTSPOT: Hydrilla Pocket
GPS: N29 32.53482, W101 12.918
(29.542247, -101.215300)

Lake Amistad

Lake Amistad Hydrilla Pocket

SPECIES: largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Texas and Carolina-rigged plastic worms, topwater lures, crankbaits
CONTACT: Larry Scruggs, Amistad Lodge and Adventures
TIPS: Fish topwater lures in the far backs of all the pockets here during the early-morning hours and then target the underwater hydrilla beds at 12 to 15 feet with bright-colored plastic worms and crankbaits during late-morning and afternoon hours.
• • •
HOTSPOT: Rough Canyon
GPS: N 29 36.31098, W 100 58.377
(29.605183, -100.972950)


Amistad Rough Canyon

SPECIES: Largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Pop Rs, buzzbaits, Zara Spooks
CONTACT: Stan Gerzsenyl
[email protected]
TIPS: Fish topwaters from the main lake grass beds to the backs of the creeks. Zara Spooks are my favorites but Pop Rs and buzzbaits also can be effective. Look for schooling fish throughout the day.



• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •

LOCATION: Canyon Lake
HOTSPOT: Turkey Creek Point
GPS: N 29 51.7079, W 98 12.948
(29.8618, -98.2158)

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake Turkey Creek Point

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Sassy Shad in pearl color
CONTACT: Capt. Steve Nixon, Fishhooks Adventures
[email protected]
TIPS: Trolling this area with downriggers seems to produce the best catches. Set the downrig-gers from 40 to 60 feet deep and look for schools of Striped Bass. When located, vary trolling speeds until the fish strike. Tight lines and fish on!

LOCATION: Lake Buchanan
HOTSPOT: Lower Lake
GPS: N 30 44.79, W 98 25.71
(30.7465, -98.4285)

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan Mid-Main Lake to Dam Area

SPECIES: Striped Bass
BEST BAITS: Live shad
CONTACT: Clancy Terrill
[email protected]
TIPS: “Stripers can be found this time of year drifting or anchored mid-lake to the dam. Early morning fishing in 25-40 feet should be effective using 6””-8”” live shad.
Later morning move to 50-60 ft over trees. During the last hour of daylight move back to ridges and humps in shallower water.”

LOCATION: Lake Buchanan
GPS: N 30 45.528, W 98 25.38
(30.7588, -98.4230)

Lake Buchanan

Lake Buchanan Dam Area

SPECIES: Striped Bass & White Bass
BEST BAITS: Live shad, 1-1.5 oz. slabs
CONTACT: Ken Milam
[email protected]
TIPS: Stripers will be towards the dam on the lower end of the lake. Due to the strange weath-er we had earlier this year they are still biting! White bass are all over the lake holding on structure. Fresh live shad being the best bait of choice along with 1 to 1 1/2 oz. slabs! Have fun and just know it is Summer in Texas. Stay cool and hydrated and also wear sunscreen. Just be safe!

HOTSPOT: Horseshoe Bay Area
GPS: N 30 33.618, W 98 22.9799
(30.5603, -98.3830)

Lake LBJ

Lake LBJ Horseshoe Bay Area

SPECIES: Bass and Crappie
BEST BAITS: Bass: Topwater lures, lipless crankbaits and worms; Crappie: Jigs or minnows
CONTACT: Teach ‘Em to Fish Guide Service-Barry Dodd
[email protected]
TIPS: There is lots of vegetation, enough contour and deeper water in this area to hold some big bass. I prefer Matzuo sickle style hooks for live bait, jigs and soft plastics because they penetrate easier and hold firmer. Bass and crappie have mostly settled into their summer patters of holding near the thermocline, along deep water ledges, points and cover near these areas. For bass, spend most of your time fishing points with deep diving crank baits and soft plastics. For crappie, look for channels bends or points with brush piles.



• • • SPOTLIGHT • • •
LOCATION: Coleto Creek Lake
HOTSPOT: Turkey Creek
GPS: N 28 44.832, W 97 10.308
(28.7472, -97.1718)

Coleto Creek Lake

Coleto Creek Lake Turkey Creek

SPECIES: Largemouth Bass
BEST BAITS: Pearl white Zoom fluke, dipped slightly in chartreuse with a 4/0 worm hook – rigged weightless
CONTACT: Rocky’s Guide Service
TIPS: July is hot as usual, but the good news is that the bass are feeding more regularly, especially early in the morning or late in the evening. I like it up river this time of year as there is less boat traffic. I’m a “fluke nut” on Coleto. pearl white Zoom, dipped slightly in chartreuse with a 4/0 worm hook, rigged weightless. Get in the hydrilla and let it sink along the edges or holes . A lot of times I’ll see it just disappear or see my line moving a little then set the hook. My biggest bass on Coleto with the fluke was over 11 pounds and I have caught numerous fish in the 3-5 pound class. If you like a lot of action, keep using the fluke until your confidence is up there. I can’t emphasize enough on how many fish I have caught with this bait and on so many different lakes . Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.
• • •
LOCATION: Falcon Lake
HOTSPOT: Alejandrejas Roadbed
GPS: N26 44.22498, W99 11.9439
(26.737083, -99.199065)

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake Alejandrejas Roadbed

SPECIES: largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Jigs, plastic worms, spinnerbaits
Robert Amaya
[email protected]
TIPS: Fish the brush here early with topwater lures, Texas-rigged plastic worms and spinnerbaits. Carolina-rigged soft plastics also work well off the roadbed and in the openings where the water drops off from five to 8-12 feet. Also fish nearby humps.

LOCATION: Falcon Lake
HOTSPOT: Dos Creeks
GPS: N26 55.44252, W99 19.56072
(26.924042, -99.326012)

Falcon Lake

Falcon Lake Dos Creeks

SPECIES: largemouth bass
BEST BAITS: Plastic worms, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, topwaters
Robert Amaya
[email protected]
TIPS: Fish shallow points early with topwater lures and buzzbaits. Once the sun is up, move out to six to eight feet of water and fish the thickest brush with a Texas-rigged plastic worm.


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