An AR Pistol For Hogs?

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July 23, 2019
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July 30, 2019

I recently have found myself getting into the AR pistol craze with a great deal of enthusiasm. I acquired a great AR9 pistol from Jason’s Gun Works in Woods Texas. Jason worked with me to build the perfect hog hunting pistol.

 We decided to go with a 10.5 inch fluted barrel in 9mm caliber. I know some of you out there are going to say 9mm is not enough gun for hunting. Well boys I am here to tell you that is pure junk. I have found the 9mm to be more than adequate even for the toughest of boars given correct shot placement and keeping shots within reasonable distances for the set up.

With the 9mm I keep my shots under 75 yards and closer to 50.

Nine out of 10 hogs never take another step once you bust them in the head with a 9mm. Using a good optic and night vision or thermal is perfect but I poor boy it and use a 1000 lumen varmint light with green lens. The hogs pay ot no attention. With a bit of care you can stalk within 50 feet of a sounder of feeding hogs so shots can be almost point blank, which makes for fast and fun action. The short barrel on the AR9 pistol makes it easy and fast handling.

The fluted 10.5 inch heavy barrel makes the little 9mm a tack driver at 50 plus yards. And the entire set up weighs about 6lbs.

Once I had my AR pistol the next issue was ammunition.

What ammunition should I shoot?

With head shots being my primary goal I could have stayed with FMJ ammo and been ok but I knew I might have to take a body shot occasionally so I decided to go with a Federal Premium in 147 grn HST LE. 

These things are devastating. The wound cavity upon skinning the pigs is massive with these rounds. Now with that being said I have probably killed twice as many with FMJ bulk ammo due to cost. Shot placement is key and they quiver and squeal.

I have to say that hunting hogs with an AR pistol is as fun as bowhunting them. 

Step outside your box and give it a try.

Jeff Stewart


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