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Ultimate Bird Vest

New Product Release–-Dove Gear, LLC, a new Texas company specializing in premium dove hunting gear, has announced the availability of their first product, The Ultimate Bird Vest.  The product is available for purchase on the Dove Gear website,

The Ultimate Bird Vest is packed with features and comfort not found in any other bird hunting vest or belt.  It’s innovative six-way adjustability allows a proper fit to any size hunter while placing the shell pouches right where you want them.  It even allows the vest to be worn low or high to suit any shooter’s preferences.

Another unique feature are two security pockets with spring closure, right behind the shell pouches – a safe place to keep your cell phone, glasses, small camera, dog leash, etc.  In addition to the lined washable game bag, there is an additional rear compartment for hulls or a light rain jacket.

The Ultimate Bird Vest was designed with Texas dove hunting conditions in mind.  The breathable mesh back and open sides allow free air flow on those hot September afternoons.  Each Ultimate Bird Vest comes with a holder for a 32 oz bottle of water for you and your dog, positioned for comfortable carry.  Additional water bottle holders are available for the other side.

The Ultimate Bird Vest is made with premium materials and construction methods to last you many seasons.  The vest retails for $89.95, with free shipping, and is backed by a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee.  You can learn more about this innovative product at


Founder and designer Terry Koehler has been shooting doves all over Texas for over 60 years and finally decided to design his own bird hunting vest.  “I’ve gone through dozens of vests and belts and always found them lacking in one way or another”, explained Koehler.  “I have incorporated the best features I’ve ever found and added more that I have never seen on any vest.”  The Ultimate Dove Vest is the first of many innovative product ideas that Dove Gear will bring to market in the coming seasons.  Every one is backed by Dove Gear’s Satisfaction Guarantee.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Terry Koehler, (Founder Dove Gear, LLC)

[email protected]  866-410-DOVE (3683)

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