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August 24, 2019
August 24, 2019

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What a Few Companies Are Doing to Protect Wildlife

CONSERVATION IS MORE is more important than ever to hunters and anglers.

Now many companies are getting involved with projects that help ailing fish, wildlife and habitat. Consumers are now aligning themselves more with companies that invest in conservation projects.

Here are a few that recently caught our attention.

Costa’s Untangled: No form of ocean plastic pollution is more dangerous than discarded fishing nets. Costa has joined forces with Bureo who work with fishermen to prevent discarded nets from polluting our oceans and harming marine life.

They are doing this in Chile where many old nets end up in the ocean. These shades look cool, feel great, and save marine life in the process.

Berkely Conservation Institute: The Berkley Conservation Institute (BCI) is part of Pure Fishing, which is part of Newell Brands. BCI was developed to support conservation and angler recruitment efforts.

They cooperate with fishing groups, conservation organizations, customers, and other industry partners to protect fishable waters. They collaborate to enhance populations of important sport fish. They also introduce the next generation to the delight of angling and teach them to lead the fight for conservation.

Mossy Oak and National Wild Turkey Federation: The National Wild Turkey Federation and Mossy Oak continue to Save the Habitat. Save the Hunt through the Mossy Oak Obsession pattern.

“The NWTF and Mossy Oak were both founded by turkey hunters who care deeply about the conservation of the wild turkey,” said NWTF CEO Becky Humphries. “As we work to secure the future of habitat and our hunting heritage, it is good to know we have a partner in Mossy Oak that is equally dedicated to the mission.”

A portion of the proceeds generated from the sale of any item decorated in the NWTF Obsession pattern funds the NWTF and its mission to conserve wild turkeys and protect the right to hunt them.

Winchester and DU: Two great names in conservation and the hunting and shooting sports industry joined forces in 1987, Ducks Unlimited and Winchester Ammunition. Winchester Ammunition has provided ammunition for DU’s Continental Shoots and sponsored numerous national chapter banquets and events.

Winchester is an official sponsor of Ducks Unlimited. It’s also a committed business partner in their conservation efforts and support of the shooting sports.

Many other companies are involved in conservation, but these are a few that stood out. It takes an enormous amount of money, creativity, and commitment to keep our wildlife resources healthy. Kudos to all companies who help make that happen.



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Jim Martin explains the Berkley Conservation Insititute and the importance of getting involved to protect our fishable waters.



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