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October 24, 2019
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October 24, 2019

Bank Fishing Technology Can Save the Day (or Night)

BANK FISHERMEN often feel limited because of the constraint of only being able to fish as far as they can cast.

New technology is developing to help with this problem. It won’t help them cast farther, but it can give them a better chance to catch fish.

One of the unique products is the Deeper Smart Sonar.

To summarize, Deeper Smart Sonar products allow you to discover productive water with your smartphone or tablet. Using your rod and reel, you simply cast the Deeper Smart Sonar to the water you want to fish.

The device will give you immediate feedback transmitted straight to the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Deeper products are small and ultra-light, which makes them suitable to cast using most standard lines. You can throw it to any spot on the water.

The device floats on the surface and transmits detailed bottom and water column information. It captures depth, bottom structure, temperature, vegetation, fish location, and other valuable data points that are essential for productive fishing.

A less technical, but definitely next-level product is the Berkley Glowstik.

Hydro Glow makes LED underwater fishing lights.

The Glowstik has a fiberglass rod blank with an extended rubberized shrink-wrapped handle. A one-touch battery-operated red LED and fiber optic cable creates a full-length glow all the way to the rod tip. The Glowstik comes in freshwater and saltwater models.

Although fishing lights have been around for years, bank fishermen often overlook them. Hydro Glow puts out some great fishing lights for various applications.

Their “off the boat“ series of fishing lights are 12vdc, high output LED, virtually unbreakable and made to last. An underwater fishing light is easy to use and very effective. Simply lower the light off the side of the boat.

When it submerges to the desired depth, just tie or clip the cord on a rail or cleat. Baitfish will be attracted by the underwater lights.

Predator fish will usually be deep under the light and a short distance away, feeding on the baitfish around the perimeter of the underwater light’s glow.

Each light comes standard with a waterproof connector. This makes it easy to change between alligator clips, accessory plug or 120v to 12v power supply.

Bank fishing can be as simple or technical as you want it to be. I have fished everywhere from the jungles of South America to 10,000 feet in the Sierra Nevada, and I have caught just about everything I want to find other than billfish.

However, there is something peaceful and exciting at the same time about sitting on the bank, casting out some cut or live bait to see what happens.

Modern technology can make this kind of fishing more productive than before and maybe a little more fun too.




Deep Sonar


Official Deeper tutorial video demonstrates the proper use of the sonar and its various features to get the most of this smart device.




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