NAA Black Widow Mini-Revolver at 100 Yards!

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October 8, 2019
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October 18, 2019
The Black Widow by NAA

NAA Black Widow Mini Revolver

The NAA Mini Revolver is an interesting piece to say the least.  At one time they even fit into a custom belt buckle.  Don’t let the tiny package fool you.  They still can pack a punch, especially at close range.   At the very least they could blind and deafen an assailant with the muzzle blast of a .22WM exiting a sub 1.75” barrel.

Tiny But Effective

When I got my hands on the NAA Black Widow I just felt like pushing the envelope.  Contrary to the popular opinion – barrel length has nothing to do with accuracy of a firearm.  A long barrel does allow for a longer sight radius, which in turn allows you to fine tune aiming easier.  A longer barrel will increase velocity as well.  But out of this stubby 1.75” barrel, it hardly sends the energy of a .22LR round fired out of a rifle while chambered in .22WM.


The Black Widow by NAA

NAA Black Widow Mini Revolver

The Black Widow is a touch beefier than other NAA models.  The rubber grips are a bit easier to handle and it has a bit larger pronounced sights than just slight bumps.  The cylinder must be removed in order to load and unload.  This is accomplished by turning removing the cylinder pin And then removing the cylinder while using the pin to eject the spent casings.

Safety Notice

The trigger was decent for such a tiny revolver.  But make not that there is no trigger guard.  With that in mind it is very important that you read the owners manual and practice the manufacture’s safe decocking method.  Failure to do this can result in an accidental discharge if the gun is dropped or if the hammer is even bumped due to the fact that the hammer can rest on a live round.


Since my Black Widow shot high at close range I figured I could see how far back I could hit steel. I was pleasantly surprised to be able to hit all 5 rounds on steel from 100 yards back.  The little Black Widow is surprisingly accurate for being so tiny.

The retail value on the NAA Black Widow lists at $312.  I was a able to find several models at PSA for a little less than that, or if you are a member of BigDaddyUnlimited I found it as low as $234.  You can have either of these companies ship it right to your FFL.


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