Yeti Hopper Soft Cooler

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The latest evolution of the Hopper soft cooler delivers on a top customer request–a wider, easier opening.

Through thoughtful engineering and thorough design exploration, the new Hopper M30 replaces a zipper with magnets. This is our first cooler to put the HydroShield™ Technology to work for an ultra leak-resistant, yet easy-to-use closure. This new closure system is two-fold, yet easier than ever to open and close.

Plus it opens wide, making ita breeze to grab a few cold ones—as it should be. The dual, Quick-Release Buckles ensure that your Hopper M30 can withstand being tossed onto the boat or truck without opening unexpectedly.

The rest is Hopper as usual—which is to say it’s all YETI-grade toughness with best-in-class thermal performance, and of course, waterproof too—so your food, drinks, or catch are protected from the weather or river you’re in.

Price: $299.99


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