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December 24, 2019
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December 24, 2019

Life Does Go On

I USUALLY LIKE new beginnings. A new year usually brings a sense of freshness, of leaving old things behind, about closing a door and opening a new one.

This year, for me, will be a new beginning that I never thought I’d be facing. The death of my husband, my best friend, my confidant and fishing buddy, Capt. Aubrey Black in October of 2019, makes this New Year so very bittersweet.

With so many memories, good times and ten years of the most awesome love any woman could ever have, a new year without Aubrey in my life brings me so much sadness. Yet it’s mixed with gratitude to have had a friend like him for the time we had. It’s a love story like none other, that ended way too soon.

Life does go on. The only thing that really makes me happy and closer to God and Aubrey is being out on the water. The healing power of the sunrise cannot be diminished. A day of catching big trout or shooting ducks with my dog Cinder puts a smile on my face, knowing that Capt. Black is out there with me, cheering me on.

Aubrey Black with his largest trout.

So, with all of that said, January is one of those months in the outdoors that we all dream about. The mixture of the hunt for the trophy trout on Baffin Bay, along with some of the very best wild duck hunting on the Texas Coast, keeps us busy here at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. These two adventures together are called a “Blast and Cast,” a duck hunt in the morning and fishing trip in the afternoon. Do that for a couple of days in a row and you will find out how hearty of an outdoorsman you really are.

This year, the ducks piled down early, and the mixture of ducks here on Baffin Bay has been fantastic. We have already shot about ten different species of ducks this year, with a lot of trophies for the wall and a few banded birds as well.

We are lucky to be the only duck guides on Baffin Bay and there are no airboats buzzing around this bay. We are Orvis Endorsed for wing shooting, so you can be assured that we know what we are doing.

Come and join us here on Baffin for some great times with your family and friends to create an adventure that you will never forget. Memories and experiences are the only things that keep us all together.

An early morning duck hunt, before the sun comes up with the sounds of nature all around you makes you forget everything else but that moment in time. Hearing the wing beats of a hundred redhead ducks landing in the spread of decoys cannot be forgotten.

It might be a little chilly in January, but that only means one thing—the hunt for a personal best trout. On Baffin Bay, they grow really big, really fast in January.

When the time is right, these big trout are fattening up for the winter and getting ready for the spring spawn. Big trout usually like to eat big. Did you know that a speckled trout can eat 2/3rds of its body length? It’s not uncommon to catch a 28- to 32-inch trout that has a giant mullet tail sticking out of its mouth—and it’s still eating!

Being prepared is the most important thing if you are hunting a trophy trout on Baffin Bay. The right clothes, waders and gear can turn a chilly day into a super productive hunt.

If you are cold or wet, it’s tough to stay focused on the fishing. Layers of good quality fleece under waders that don’t leak will keep you warm on the wade. Other things to think about would be a few pairs of gloves, a fleece buff and a good quality wading jacket that keeps you dry.

Of course, if you think trophy trout, you think Corky. For all of you Corky devotees, now is the time to fish Baffin Bay. But, any slow-sinking lure works, if you know how to work it. Think about working a top water lure, only a lot slower and a lot deeper.

If you are not into Corky’s or other slow sinkers, there are a lot of good options out there such as the Saltwater Assassin Die Dapper. This is a five-inch, fat bodied paddle tail with lots of action. Because of its size and paddle tail vibration, big trout like to hammer it. Worked low and slow, a trout will usually hit this lure on the drop.

Capt. Aubrey Black’s dream was to have a first-class fishing and hunting lodge on Baffin Bay. Before he died, he knew he had achieved his goal.

With everyone’s help, I will keep his dream alive and growing. Please come visit us at Baffin Bay Rod and Gun. We have the very best facility, the best staff, and most important, the very best guides on the bay. If you haven’t met these guys, you need to.

Capt. Sutton Schoonover, Capt. Storm Brodnax, Capt. Chris Munoz, Capt. Bo Patrick and Capt. Hector Lopez, and me, Capt. Sally Black have a handle on this bay like no one else. Plus, every one of us are “teaching guides”, meaning we all work hard to help you achieve your goals and have a great time doing it.

Hope to see y’all soon!


Email Capt. Sally Black at [email protected]



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