THE TF&G REPORT – January 2020

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December 24, 2019
December 24, 2019

Game Wardens Contend With Poachers

THE FOLLOWING items are compiled from recent Texas Parks and Wildlife law enforcement reports.


On Nov. 20, a Lubbock district game warden received a call about several illegally dumped sandhill cranes in a community dumpster. The Lubbock police department officer on scene climbed into the dumpster to confirm that the birds were not breasted out and the warden responded to collect evidence and begin interviewing possible suspects and neighbors. The dumpster was next to a Texas Tech University fraternity and a large apartment complex. After interviewing multiple individuals, the suspect was discovered and admitted that he and his friend left the cranes in the back of his truck the day prior and thought that the temperature was too warm to keep the meat. Waste of game charges were filed on both individuals.


On Nov. 16, Anderson County game wardens were patrolling near Highway 155 for deer hunters. While traveling, the wardens noticed a freshly caped whitetail deer hide stretched and tacked on a 4×8 sheet of plywood and a gentleman observing it. After turning around to make an inspection, the gentleman and his wife both noticed the game wardens making an effort to approach their residence and left the scene. After further inspection, two undersized buck heads were found along with the deer hide. Time elapsed and after a brief wait, the female suspect returned to the scene. The wardens questioned her about the deer and the location of her husband. She stated that she dropped her husband off at work. After further investigation the husband was located at the local Walmart and later returned to the scene. The husband admitted to killing a doe and said that his wife killed an illegal buck a few weeks prior. As for the other whitetail buck, the couple removed its head from the median of Highway 155. Multiple citations were issued including hunting under the license of another, allowing another to hunt under his/her license, and no hunting license. The case is still under investigation and pending.

—from TPWD


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