PACKING IT IN – February 2020

TEXAS TACTICAL by Dustin Ellermann – February 2020
January 24, 2020
TEXAS BOATING by Lenny Rudow – February 2020
January 24, 2020

(Photo: Chester Moore)

Finding the Proper Backpack for Fishing

WALKING IN AND around the rocky Nueces and Llano Rivers is a risk-for my gear. I’m a bit of a bull in a china closet (more like a Cape buffalo) so my camera gear is always at risk when I’m around water, especially in wild places.

I recently took two boys and one of their fathers on a special catch-and-release conservation quest for Texas’s unique, native, the Guadalupe bass. Our mission was to teach the boys the value of catch and release of these fish and instill in them a love of streams and stream fishing.

The boys are part of my Wild Wishes program that grants wildlife encounters to children with terminal illness or loss of parent or sibling. We wanted to capture photos to publish that would raise awareness about this unique species and stream and river health in Texas. That means my cameras needed to be secured.

The areas we fished were extremely remote and required wading long distances down slick rocks and flowing water.

Enter the LocoDry Wetrek PackNModPok.

This is a heavy-duty, welded; waterproof backpack built for your longer adventures with more than 50 liters of storage space, and it only weighs two pounds, eight ounces. That counts for a lot when you’re carrying heavy camera gear along with a bit of tackle and drinks.

Featuring the new LocoModiv shoulder straps with the patented UniLoop system you can easily swap between the included black and neon green breathable, strong, grippy, stretchy, and customizable shoulder straps.

It is also built with a padded mesh back panel, quick access front pocket, and multiple lash points.

The pack managed to keep my gear dry the entire trip. When you rely on it to preserve your camera to preserve precious memories it is greatly appreciated.

I was extremely impressed with the straps, which features a breathable ladder design. This allows the weight of the pack to flow with movement. I was able to fish in waist-deep water comfortably with the pack on.

Most impressive.

I can’t see me doing these kinds of expeditions without one from now on. Kudos to Seattle Sports for making my job easier.




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