Henry Benefit Rifle Sales Raise $78,250 For Kids

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February 18, 2020
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March 21, 2020

Henry Repeating Arms president and owner Anthony Imperato has worked tirelessly to build his company into an industry leader in the production of fine firearms, particularly lever-action rifles of varied calibers.

 Imperato is proud with those accomplishments, but he may be more pleased with the company’s successful “Guns for Great Causes” program and the generous folks who support it.

The GGC program is a charitable branch of the New Jersey-based company. It takes aim on helping to raise money to support children fighting nasty diseases, children’s hospitals, veterans organizations, wildlife conservation and others in need of a helping hand.

 The program started in 2006. It has since raised more than $3 million for charity, including close to $300,000 for families of sick children.

The most recent beneficiaries include a 4-year-old Texas youth, Beckett Burge of Princeton, and 3-year-old Sadie Kreinbrink of Ostrander, Ohio. Both children are battling cancer requiring costly medical treatments and hospital stays.

In December, Imperato designed and donated 126 special edition .22 caliber rifles bearing personalized insignias specific to the youths. The guns were sold online for the purpose of raising money to help their families with mounting medical bills.

Most of the rifles were sold on the company website at a set cost, while Serial No. 1 rifles of each edition were auctioned to the highest bidder on gunbroker.com, according to Daniel Clayton-Luce, HRA director of communications.

Luce said the sales and auctions were carried out in January with significant results. The 60 special edition “Beat It Like Beckett” rifles generated $35,525, while 66 “Sweet Sadie” .22’s raised $45,725.

All of the money was given to the parents of the two children.

 “We are so thrilled with our fans and everyone that chose to support the Kreinbrink and Burge family by purchasing one of these rifles,” said Imperato. “It’s initiatives like this that have the potential to show the media and the rest of the world how great of an industry our firearms industry is. Firearms manufacturers tend to get a black eye by the media more often than not, so this along with all of our other Guns For Great Causes campaigns should go to show all the good we can do.”

 To learn more about Henry’s Guns For Great Causes program visit: https://www.henryusa.com/about-us/guns-for-great-causes/.

Matt Williams


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