EDITOR’S NOTES by Chester Moore – April 2020
March 24, 2020
INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves – April 2020
March 24, 2020

Human Dangers In The Woods—Blog Response

MY WIFE, myself and our two young boys were rough camping in an isolated spot on Caney Creek (there are a number of Caney Creeks in Texas), in the Sam Houston National Forest Northeast of Huntsville.

We had our tent set up about a quarter mile down a seldom-used dirt road off of the main dirt road through the forest. About midnight we were awakened by gunfire and loud yelling, good old boys riding the back roads and drinking. Nothing happened that night, but it was several hours before I put my pistol down and went back to sleep. My boys are grown and gone now; my wife and I still talk about these incidents from time to time and think we were lucky. Nowadays, these “incidents” could lead to big trouble.

Charlie Laird


A TEXAS LION: Reader Russell Koenig submitted this game camera shot of a very mature male mountain lion about 14 miles southwest of Concan in Uvalde County, Cougars are present in Texas.

Animal Apologists Column Strikes A Chord

CHESTER just a quick note to thank you for such a well balanced discussion of these subjects. No reader of TF&G could ever doubt your staunch love of all things wild, but also your equal love of conservation and common sense approach to each, which embraces hunting and, yes, even animal control when they threaten humans. I am also sick and tired of victims being blamed when they are attacked by either animals or other humans. Your voice is sorely needed. Please keep doing what you’re doing.


Martin Smith

(Lifelong Texan and hunter, lover of all animals (degree in biology and me and spouse both animal shelter advocates), supporter of common sense conservation.)

CHESTER, your article in the February Texas Fish & Game was excellent. You are right on when it comes to hunters and fishermen versus animal apologists. I did kill a vegan hog, gluten free and, I believe, on a diet. He tasted like chicken not bacon. I do not recommend them; they are the one wearing lipstick.

Love you Brother!!!

Brad Cornell

YOU HIT THE nail on the head with the column on animal apologists. It’s rare to see someone in the “hook and bullet” sector use such a balanced approach. I applaud you for that and appreciate you not minding to tell people in the industry they’re messing up just as quickly as you would animal rights people.

Your voice needs to be heard, and I hope TFG readers understand they are not just getting regular old articles, but some deep stuff here.

I love how you talked about how to deal with mountain lions on playgrounds. That needed to be said as in Texas with our population exploding, this type of thing will happen with coyotes, hogs and perhaps even mountain lions in certain areas.

I really appreciate it maybe more than most because I watched a video of you playing with baby mountain lions, which you obviously showed great appreciation for, but didn’t mind saying any cougar dangerous to humans should be removed.

Thank you for helping take us to a different level of understanding.

Cameron Jeffries


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