INSIDE FISH & GAME by Roy and Ardia Neves – June 2020

May 24, 2020
TEXAS FISH & GAME Staff – June 2020
May 24, 2020

Book Smarts 

WE’VE BEEN IN the book publishing business for almost as long as we’ve been putting out this magazine. It all began, oddly enough, when former TF&G editor Larry Bozka slipped on a cheap door mat at an oil change shop and broke his hip. That was back in 1998. Laid up for a couple of months and unable to travel any farther than the distance from his couch to the bathroom, Bozka took advantage of the down time to write his magnum opus, “Saltwater Strategies.”

Since then, we’ve published more than a dozen titles, covering the vast spectrum of the Texas outdoors. From saltwater and freshwater fishing to deer, hog and waterfowl hunting. We have tapped into the deep talent pool of writers who contribute to TF&G and who possess an abundance of outdoor knowledge and the skills to communicate it.

At the same time we’ve been building our library of titles, the printing and publishing industries have been in an epic struggle against the tides of cultural and technological change. Book publishing, especially, has been turned inside out and squeezed into a wafer-thin version of its former self. Ever since a balding, weirdly smiling gnome created and invented a whole different way of reading, books have transformed from physical objects of familiarity and comfort into ethereal states of pixilated text and images or sound.

It might suck for the guys owning and operating those 50-ton printing presses that once dominated the publishing world, but from the publisher’s point of view, this is not a bad thing. Our business is creating products that deliver information. Paper and ink, delivery trucks and inventories that gather dust on retail or warehouse shelves are no longer the most efficient way to package and distribute these products. E-books and audiobooks are the future of reading, whether we like it or not. Personally, we like it. Professionally, we love it.

So, we have started issuing our books in electronic and audio formats.

The first two existing titles are “Pat Murray’s No-Nonsense Guide to Coastal Fishing,” by Pat Murray himself, and “Wadefish Texas,” by Bink Grimes. An entirely new book, “String Theory for Bowhunters,” by our own Lou Marullo is also now available.

The audiobooks are available for download on our website ( and from most audiobook sources, the most prominent being Barnes & Noble ( They will also be available soon on audiobook giant

As we complete the formatting of each E-book, all of our titles will soon be available for download at, as well as at the aforementioned galaxy-sized (where you can also still purchase the original paper and ink versions.)

An extra benefit to the re-formatting is that we are also able to freshen up the content of the books and revise any outdated information. So, if you have read the originals, you still might benefit from reading or listening to the electronic versions.

Please, take a look, or a listen. We hope you like what you see and hear.


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