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The Brown Water Royal Slam

The IGFA recognizes six fishing slams where anglers have to catch a number of recognized species in a given category. The most prestigious is the billfish slam. These fish are caught in the blue waters of the ocean, not the brown waters of bayous.

With trips to exotic locales, this slam is as much about living a lifestyle that Robin Leach would have reported on in the ’80s, as it is about catching fish.

A couple of years back, I was thinking of ways to bless Dads on father’s day and I came up with a slam a little more attainable.Your

It’s called the Brown Water Slam.

Bowfin: Also known as choupique, grinnel, mudfish and mud marlin, this fish fights hard and jumps when caught. That makes it a great marlin replacement.

Any fish that can literally be found in sewage ditches is worthy of pursuit. Everyone wants to catch a survivor like that.

Bullhead: Also known as a mud cat, these fish bite when nothing else will and where nothing else dares to swim—well, except maybe for the bowfin.

The rule in this slam is the bullhead has to be caught in a bar ditch. A creek won’t do. This is the brown water slam and murkiness is our vibe.

Gaspergou: Talk about prestigious. Any fish called “goo” is something anglers around the world dream about.

Uglier than a bullhead or a grinnel, these fish are found in major rivers and reservoirs in the state. They tend to congregate where the water is a little more brown, than clear.

Buffalo: Yes, they are nearly impossible to catch on a rod and reel. Sure, they have more bones than a carp and taste half as good, but the buffalo gets huge.

Saltwater TV legend Mark Sosin might tangle with a broadbill swordfish, but has he ever caught a buffalo?

My friend Mark Davis of Bigwater Adventures has caught more sailfish than the speckled trout I’ve caught, but has he tangled with the suckerfish of Texas?

Chester Moore


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