Are These 7 Days Your Best Chance for a Big Texas Buck?

Texas State Parks Begin Reopening
April 20, 2020

If you could schedule a hunt during a 7 day cycle that produces more big bucks than any other time in most of Texas, would you?

Well, there is still time.

Since the advent of the youth-only season we at Texas Fish & Game have received more trophy-sized buck photos during the youth-only weekend by  youth and by bowhunters who killed bucks in the days between youth-only and general season than at any other time. Why you ask?

It is a conjunction of things.

In much of the state rutting activity is peaking. In fact, it heats to fever pitch in the Pinewoods of East Texas where a full third of Texas hunters pursue whitetail. Rutting activity is also beginning in parts of the Hill Country, Cross Timbers and Post Oak Savannah. That is the number one reason why young hunters shoot so many big bucks during this time. The South Texas rut (the latest in America) does not fire off until December so the Brush Country is not part of this equation.

Bowhunters take note.

If you don’t have kids to take hunting, the youth-only weekend is a great opportunity in much of the state and so is the week leading up to the general season. It lasts until the opening day of the general season.

Besides the rut of course you have deer still not pressured by rifle fire and hordes of hunters in the woods. Mast crops are beginning to falter in some areas so deer are becoming more apt to hit corn and move around to seek alternative natural sources so as you can see this window is a perfect time to spend extra time in the woods in pursuit of that big buck.

If you gave up on your bowhunting early on because of a lack of success, get back in the woods. The best time of the year is coming soon.

TF&G Staff

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