Tactics To Make The Most Of Your August Striper Fishing In Texas

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May 6, 2019
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As far as sea fishing games are concerned, striped bass fishing makes for an exciting adventure. This popular saltwater fish found in the northeast and mid-Atlantic region of North America is popular among fishing enthusiasts due to its appreciable weight (growing over 50 pounds) and its hard-fighting nature. With the summer at its peak and the temperature soaring, the stripers are on their way to find cooler temperatures with higher oxygen levels for more comfortable survival. As the water gets warmer, the stripers move from the mouths of creeks and coves towards the dams.

If you have decided to dip your fishing pole in the waters of Lake Texoma or some other spot for your striper fishing in Texas, here are few summer tips for you:


Stripers are more or less likely to be caught in the lower to mid-sections of the lake and in the larger creeks. Fishing at night can prove to be a bad idea at this time of the month. Moon cycles affect the location of the fish too. Three days before or after the full or new moon produces the best fishing. Reefs, ledges, boulders, jetties, and bridges are a few spots they like to call home during summer.


Live bait is the most popular and effective method to catch the striped bass. Stripers tend to be opportunistic feeders, and they will eat anything, including a variety of shellfish, marine organisms, and live fish. However, it’s vital for you not to go crazy over bait by getting everything. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars after bait. A ⅞ ounce jigging spoon and a ¾ ounce blade bait are enough. Maintain the quality of your lure. Striper bass has the power to tear the cheap gear into shreds.


Fly fishing is the most challenging method of fishing. However, this difficulty requiring a combination of knowledge, skill, precision, and patience makes it all the more rewarding. 9-weights are ideal for New England stripers up to 40-inches. For trophy stripers, a 10- or 11- weight rod is more preferable.


Spooning is another fishing method ideal all-year-round but if you are trying to catch stripers, the best time to use it is when they are schooling. With thousands of stripers feeding on shad during summer, spooning proves to be effective during summer. The key is to find a good depth. Trying to catch a single striper with this method can be a waste of time and effort.


Striper bass may take surface lures, but they are mostly caught on slabs, heavy jigs, plastic shad, and a live gizzard shad. Live gizzard and threadfin shad will be the two most productive methods for striper fishing in Texas.

And remember to release them quickly as they might not survive the heat due to the summer heat. So, put on your fishing hat and have fun!


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