What’s New In Texas Crossbow Hunting?: Updated State Rules and Regulations

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August 11, 2021

After much anticipation and rounds of thorough discussions, the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPWD) has released a list of recent changes with a lot fewer restrictions for upcoming hunting seasons (coming into effect from September 1). With crossbow as the added to the legal and lawful archery equipment, Texas crossbow hunting is now a legal sport. Here is the list of changes and updates being introduced:

  • Now one can use crossbow freely during archery only and general seasons. One doesn’t require a doctor’s statement anymore to use a crossbow anymore during archery season on private property.
  • However, state regulations in Grayson County and some unit of public hunting lands still restrict use of crossbow during the archery season only among people upper body limitations/ disabilities.
  • For hunting antlerless deer, one need not require a permit during an archery only season except on MLD properties. Although if the MLD permits have been issued, its better to put them to use.
  • Another change is the nixing of the experimental prong horn season in the Panhandle while restricting it to buck-only harvest. Furthermore, the permits will be issues to landowners by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department via quota system.
  • HIP certification is a must for people indulging in migratory game bird hunting that involves giving an account of the number of game birds harvested the previous season by a hunter and whether or not the hunter will be hunting them in the current or upcoming season. The Harvest Information Program Certification issued by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service that is a must for game hunters.
  • For upland game birds, the north and south turkey zones are being restructured to maintain consistency across spring and fall hunting seasons. This system of new alignment will be on effect along highway 90 with 26 counties to switch zone as its impact.
  • The commission has further lifted the prohibition on using dogs to trail wounded deer in over ten east Texas counties.
  • Two-winged dove days in the South zone will be added to the existing four. In addition to this special white-winged dove days in the South zone are scheduled on the two weekends preceding the regular seasonal opener.

For complete and detailed guidelines, you may visit the official website TPWD.

Happy hunting!


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