Flyfishing Project Benefits TX Foster Kids

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The Mayfly Project is a 501(c)(3) national organization that uses fly fishing as a catalyst to mentor and support children in foster care.

The Mission of The Mayfly Project is to support children in foster care through fly fishing and introduce them to their local water ecosystems, with a hope that connecting them to a rewarding hobby will provide an opportunity for foster children to have fun, build confidence, and develop a meaningful connection with the outdoors.

The group has created successful branches in Houston and Austin and according to Rocky Sanchez, San Antonio, TX TMP (The Mayfly Project) is looking to connect with qualifying children.

“We are looking to connect with qualifying kids in the San Antonio area to create these special mentoring opportunities through flyfishing. And we’re always looking for people to get involved in the mentoring side of things,” Sanchez said

“Flyfishing is fun and is something children can take with them the rest of their lives that will teach them focus, patience and an appreciation for fisheries and nature.”

So how can flyfishing improve the life of a child in foster care?

A caseworker involved with outings had the following to say.

“I couldn’t believe the change in behavior and spirit prior to our outing with TMP and then post outing—it was night and day. The children came feeling nervous and struggling to stay positive, and then once they started participating in the project their behavior and attitude changed.  Seeing the children smiling, feeling good about their accomplishments and themselves, enjoying time in nature, and excited about life, was worth more than we could have ever expected.”

If you would like to get involved in The Mayfly Project’s mentoring click here.

To contact Rocky Sanchez email him at r[email protected]

To learn more about the overall project click here.



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