SFA Student, TFG Contributor Wins Houseman Award

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September 15, 2022
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Amber Borel, a sophomore at Stephen F. Austin University is the winner of the 2022 Tony Houseman Conservation Legacy Award.

Borel is studying forestry with a wildlife management concentration.

“It’s such an honor and privilege to receive this award,” Borel said.

“I want to make an impact for wildlife and also get young people involved in conservation, hunting and fishing. This award inspires me to push even harder toward those goals.”

Borel has contributed online articles to fishgame.com and has a feature entitled “Why This College Girl Hunts” in the Sept/Oct. edition of Texas Fish & Game.

The award is given annually by Higher Calling Wildlife®, founded by TF&G Editor-In-Chief Chester Moore.

“Tony Houseman was a mentor of mine at a very young age. I met him when I was 20 and he made a tremendous impact on me and my career. This honor is for his long-standing legacy of conservation and helps give young people going above and beyond the call of duty a boost to carry on in what can be very hard work,” Moore s

One of Chester Moore’s early mentors, Tony Houseman, who at different times served as the president of both the Houston Safari Club and Dallas Safari Club, went on an early “green hunt” for a rhino. The Tony Houseman Conservation Legacy Award honors this great man.


Borel is the third recipient of the award and was chosen because of her heart for serving and conservation.

“Grades are wonderful. Academics are important and she has those but then there is heart and commitment on top of that. We watched Amber not only serve relentlessly helping some projects we did with young children and wildlife but also write a book about shark conservation she wants to give to kids. She’s a special young lady and me and my wife Lisa are honored to know her,” Moore said.

Tony Houseman was a dedicated conservationist who at different times served as president of the Houston Safari Club and Dallas Safari Club. He helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for conservation work across North America and Africa.

His last major hunt was a “green hunt” to extract DNA from a white rhino for conservation purposes, which is why the award itself is a bronze rhinoceros.

Higher Calling Wildlife® is proud that Amber Borel is the third recipient of the Tony Houseman Conservation Legacy Award.

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