World’s Most Versatile Offshore Lure: The Green Machine

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Don't pass through the inlet without a Green Machine aboard. Ever.

When it comes to trolling offshore waters for the likes of tuna, billfish, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and more, the Green Machine belongs aboard every boat. This is without question one of the most versatile lures out there. It can be trolled naked or baited, on the surface of subsurface, at high speeds or low speeds. Virtually every offshore predator will attack it with abandon. And it works in just about every type of condition ranging from clean blue water to dirty pea-green water.

green machine lure

Don’t pass through the inlet without a Green Machine aboard. Ever.

The Green Machine has been around just about forever, and there are a million knock-offs. Many of the lookalikes work just as well as the real thing, and our intent here isn’t to boost the brand name lure as opposed to the general genre. The critical features are simply the green head encased in hard plastic with the green skirt. The Green Machine branded lure also has red beads running down the line between the head and the hook, which of course can be added to any lure during the rigging process. In any case, whether you pull the original or a knock-off, put these tips to work and then keep the gaff handy.

  1. Rig three of these lures inline behind a large bird, spaced about two feet apart. Then add one more with a hook at the tail end.
  2. Run a single Green Machine rigged on 100 pound test. Pre-rigged this lure is usually seen with 200 pound test or even heavier line. These do work, but a lighter leader allows the lure to dart back and forth to the left and right with more freedom, and the difference in the action is huge. Just remember to use a light touch when leadering, if you’re not using wind-ons.
  3. Add a dropper swivel to the leader of a large chugger, about 10 feet in front of the lure. Then crimp on a Green Machine with just two feet of leader. Set the chugger back from an outrigger (so the line is as elevated as possible) at a distance where the Green Machine dangles just above the water, dipping into it every now and again. Not only is this rig effective, it’s an immense crowd-pleaser when a yellowfin explodes out of the water to grab it.

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