NWTF-Texas Makes Big Conservation Donation

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October 27, 2022
The NWTF Texas State Chapter recently met in New Braunfels to review Hunting Heritage Super Fund project proposals for 2023 funding awards.
After the reviewing and ranking process, proposals were presented to and approved by the NWTF Texas Board of Directors. The Board of Directors budgeted $57,650 for conservation projects and $56,811.39 for other projects, including outreach-education events and 4H Shooting Sports support.

“I applaud our volunteers in the great state of Texas for working so hard to raise these funds for the wild turkey,” said Annie Farrell, NWTF district biologist for Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. “They have a very well-rounded budget this year, and we are excited to see these great projects and new partnerships unfold in 2023.”

NWTF award funding will be matched with more than $3.5 million in partner funds for the approved projects, representing a 55:1 match rate for NWTF funding.

The Texas State Board of Directors dedicated $57,650 in funding to the following Hunting Heritage Super Fund projects directed at Texas habitat conservation objectives. Specific project awards include:

  • $28,650 for Texas Parks and Wildlife Departmenr WMA habitat projects, including invasive species removal, grassland restoration and cultural resource clearance on Yoakum Dunes WMA, Matador WMA, Taylor Lakes WMA, Kerr WMA, Fawcett WMA and Gus Engeling WMA, impacting over 3,000 acres.
  • $4,000 to support Eastern wild turkey restoration in east Texas.
  • $5,000 to support Rio Grande wild turkey research at Texas Tech University.
  • $10,000 to support NWTF’s Waterways for Wildlife Initiative.
  • $10,000 to support the NWTF district biologist position.

The board also dedicated $56,811.39 for Hunting Heritage efforts in Texas. This funding was approved to support education/outreach efforts, scholarships and shooting sports. Specific project awards include:

  • $20,000 to support the Texas Wildlife Association’s Texas Youth Hunting Program and Adult Learn to Hunt Programs.
  • $6,500 for JAKES, Wheelin’ Sportsmen and Women in the Outdoors events.
  • $1,000 Bronze Level sponsorship for the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society’s annual meeting.
  • $1,000 Bronze Level sponsorship for Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Lone Star Land Steward Awards Banquet.

Additional Hunting Heritage efforts include state marketing ($4,400), scholarships ($4,500), law enforcement operational support ($1,000), signs for habitat projects ($750), turkey reward band reimbursements ($1,000), volunteer travel to the 50th anniversary NWTF convention and National Leadership Conference ($12,000), Volunteers of the Year travel to the state banquet ($500), Game Warden of the Year travel to NWTF convention ($1,000) and miscellaneous expenses ($3,161.39).

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