Game Wardens Honored In Austin

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November 15, 2022
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November 16, 2022

Harris County Game Wardens, K-9 and Critical Incident Teams recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Commission during Thursday’s meeting for contributions across the state

Houston Game Wardens Receive Top Law Enforcement Award

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission recognized Houston-area game wardens nominated by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for the 2021 Mothers Against Drunk Driving Outstanding Law Enforcement Award.

The honor follows an increase of cases filed for driving and boating while intoxicated. According to Captain Jennifer Weaver, the award is an encouraging incentive for her team’s determination.,

“We took on some of the county’s most complicated drunk driving cases—cases that require long hours, immense paperwork and due diligence,” she added. “Game wardens were not deterred. In several cases, they stepped up and out of their comfort zone to ensure intoxicated drivers were held accountable.”

Game Warden of the Year Announced

With only six years as a game warden under his belt, Bo Hancock has proven himself a formidable resource in the field. Serving first in The U.S. Air Force, then as a warden in Presidio and Brewster Counties, he set himself apart by cultivating supportive relationships inside and outside the game warden community. Externally, Bo created opportunities to share an appreciation of nature with younger generations through kid fish events, water safety programs and wildlife identification teams.

Internally, he leads the Critical Incident Response Team, a role he has held for three years. The team is specially trained to focus on supporting wardens, fellow law enforcement and community members who have experienced traumatic incidents. Through patience and connection, Bo helps unite communities after tragedy and utilizes his insight to teach his fellow wardens.

While stationed in Brewster County, Warden Hancock served as an ambassador across the agency assisting with numerous search and rescue operations in the Big Bend area. He continues to strengthen state and local partnerships while exemplifying service in the field.

K-9 Team Introduces Six Dogs to Service 

The Texas Game Warden K-9 Team retired ten dogs while inducting another six into service. Each dog commissioned specializes in a certain aspect of tracking,. including licensed skills like wildlife resource detection, search and rescue and evidence recovery. K-9 teams operate across the Lone Star State as a force multiplier to local law enforcement involved in high-risk responses. Coordinating efforts with a K-9 team results in reduced search time and increased evidence recovery.

All newly commissioned dogs reside with their certified handlers and remain in their care after retirement.

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