Just What Good Are Reef Balls?

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The gobies in the tank use the reef ball 24-7, leaving it only when it's feeding time.

We often hear from the likes of CCA Texas about reef ball projects. But, just what good do those things do? Is it really worth your time, effort, and heard-earned cash to help support reef ball building? I’ve always been a big proponent of CCA and all the work they do, and about a year ago, I got my hands on a mini reef ball which was set with oyster spat. How is a long story, but to put it in a nutshell, the facility they were growing the oysters at flooded and a number of mini-balls that were earmarked to become educational displays were endangered. As a favor I went and “rescued” the load, and to say thanks the CCA rep gave me one of the living mini-balls. I took it home and put it in my (bay water) aquarium, which is stocked with native bay critters. And, just what did I see? Take a look for yourself.

reef ball fish

This blenny “moved in” almost immediately, and now chooses the reef ball habitat over anything else in the aquarium.

goby fish

The gobies in the tank use the reef ball 24-7, leaving it only when it’s feeding time.

shrimp on oyster

Note the shrimp sitting on top of the oyster; when the reef ball went into the tank they oysters were covered in weedy, spongy growth. The shrimp flocked to the reef ball and in just a few days ate all the growth.

To put it in a nutshell, the numerous fish, shrimp, and crabs in the aquarium abandoned the little nooks, crannies, and shells they’d been inhabiting and flocked to the reef ball. It provided shelter, and it provided food.  Within a single day it became the focal point of all life in the tank. And meanwhile, the little oysters were doing their filtering thing.

Do you wish for better fishing? We need to create more and better habitat in order to make that happen. Reef balls work, period, and CCA is leading the way in their development. If you really do care about fishing, lend your support and join CCA right now.

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