Moriah Formica: A Voice for Fishing

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February 24, 2023
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MORIAH FORMICA is a powerful, young vocal sensation.

The lead singer and guitarist for the all-female rock band Plush has done everything from sing with metal legends Stryper to compete on television’s The Voice

And last December, she wrapped up a massive tour singing with Trans-Siberian Orchestra with two sold-out shows in San Antonio.

Her greatest love, however, is fishing.

Moriah has a deep love for fishing, especially bass fishing.

Moriah has a deep love for fishing, especially bass fishing. Photo: Chester Moore

“Fishing is probably the only place where I feel totally at peace. I just love it,” Formica said.

Turned onto fishing at a very young age by fishing with her father, she said the fish that really hooked her into the sport was a bass.

“I remember when I was really little, catching a nice bass and that really did it for me. When you’re a kid and catch a 3-4 pound bass you think it’s a giant,” she said.

A native of upstate New York, Formica has plenty of opportunities to catch largemouth and smallmouth as well as other top inland sportfish.

A friend asked her if she wanted to fish a pond on family property, and not expecting much, she hooked into one of her favorite-ever catches.

“It was just this tiny pond, but I caught a big pike. I love to fish ponds, and really any kind of waterway, because you never know what you might catch,” she said.

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra tour was very time-consuming, as most stops had a 3 p.m. and a 7 p.m. show, so fishing was not an option. When she’s out with Plush, however, she loves to fish when she gets a chance.

“We were at a venue in North Carolina and they had pictures of people with fish they had caught and I found some fishing gear up against the wall. So, I asked around and they had a pond there for people who play there to fish, which I did before the show and after,” she said.

Although most barriers to women fishing have been obliterated, some young girls might still feel a little hesitant to get involved if they’re the only female in their family or friend group into it.

Formica said they should grab a rod and reel and hit the water.

“For any girls that are into fishing and maybe none of their friends are, I was that girl. I am that girl. Keep at it and have fun. It brings a lot to my life, and it will a lot to yours.”

(You can hear Formica on the T&FG-sponsored podcast Higher Calling Wildlife with Chester Moore on all major podcasting platforms and

If you need a reminder why fishing can soothe the soul and is an important way to relax and refocus, listen to this fun episode with a next-level talent.

Follow her on Instagram and Facebook @moriahformica and @plushrocks on Instagram and @plushofficial on Facebook)


Moriah Formica on the Voice

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