Signs That Lead To Southern Flounder

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May 11, 2023
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Curl-tailed grubs vertical-jigged around channel markers and buoys can help you score big on November flounder.

Flounder fishing is a true challenge, especially when you pursue it outside of the “fall run” when massive numbers of fish are migrating out through channels to the Gulf of Mexico.

Flounder sign is rarely spoken of but it has been a hallmark of my flounder teachings since the beginning.

An important sign to look for when seeking flounder in shallow marsh is round mud boils. In the shallow, muddy water we have on the Upper Coast of Texas and in Louisiana, flounder will often leave perfectly round mud boils when they move off the bottom to strike near the surface. If you see these, it usually means flounder.

Another sign is the presence of feeding activity on high tides on the edge of roseau cane.

Roseau cane is thick along many bay shorelines and on high tides flounder will gather on the edge to feed on baitfish hiding in the root system. The first hour of a falling tide can be great in these locations.

My favorite flounder signs are a little more unusual but they are incredible and I have included them in my new podcast segment. You can listen via the player below. This is only a 4 minute listen and it’s a can’t miss if you love flounder fishing.

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