When Hogs Kill: Mind-Blowing Research & Accounts of Hog Attacks

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May 9, 2023

Almost one fourth of all feral hog attacks reported in the U.S. have occurred in Texas.

Hog attacks are rare. Hog attack fatalities are even rarer but they do happen.

Hogs are misunderstood animals and in reality many people underestimate them which is leading to problems since both hog and human populations are skyrocketing in America.

In the latest episode of Dark Outdoors-the podcast brought to you by Texas Fish & Game, host Chester Moore interviews world renowned hog and hog attack expert Dr. Jack Mayer on the issue of hog attacks.  Listen here.

Hear about the hog attack tragedy in Anahuac TX and why experts believe a sounder of hogs was to blame. Learn why dogs can be a liability in hog country and hear about a case of a legitimate predator hog that pursued humans. Also, learn what to do if attacked by a hog. You can listen via the player below.


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