Bull Shark Caught In Guadalupe River

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May 7, 2024
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A bull shark has reportedly been caught in the Guadalupe River.

According to a report from MySA.com TikTok user Jonathanguayo5 encountered a shark in the Guadalupe River on Saturday, May 4.

The video shows Jonathan’s fishing companion reel in the small bull shark traveling through the Texas waters.

The video shows two men on the bank of a river as one man reels in a small bull shark in the three-foot class.

In the video the angler says, “That’s a black tip, right?”

The man holding the camera says, “Yeah”.

Young bull sharks are often mistaken for blacktips due to a fair amount of black on the edges of their fins. This however was definitely a young bull shark.

It could have been in a number of river or bayou systems in Texas judging by the terrain but there’s no reason to say it wasn’t in the Guadalupe.

The man was fishing with a steel leader and a very large rod and reel setup so my guess is he was fishing for alligator garfish which is done quite a bit in the southern reaches of the Guadalupe. He could have also been fishing for big catfish.

Social media chatter had people thinking this shark was caught where people are most familiar with the river around New Braunfels but in my opinion this was caught much further south.

I’m trying to contact the man who filmed the video and will update if I am able to reach him.

Bull sharks do fine in freshwater, so this is a believable and fun story that shows bull sharks are truly unique apex predators.

Chester Moore



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