Federal Red Snapper Season Set To Open

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The private recreational angler red snapper season in federal waters opens June 1. Red snapper fishing is open year-round in Texas state waters. Bag and size limits for federal and state waters will remain unchanged.

Regulations for red snapper in federal waters consist of:

  • Two fish per person per day with a 16-inch minimum size limit.
  • Red snapper caught in federal waters counts as part of the state bag limit of four fish.
  • No more than two red snapper can be in possession while in federal waters.

Regulations for red snapper in state waters:

  • Four fish per person per day with a 15-inch minimum size limit.
  • No more than four red snapper can be in possession in state waters while fishing.

“As always, our goal is to give Texas anglers as many days as possible fishing in federal water for red snapper while still maintaining our traditional yearlong fishery in Texas state waters,” said Robin Riechers, Coastal Fisheries Division Director. “State management in recent years has allowed us to have longer seasons as well as greater fishing opportunities.”

Per the 2022 DESCEND Act, all commercial and recreational anglers must possess a venting tool or a rigged descending device on their boat while fishing for reef fish in federal waters. Research shows that properly releasing reef fish, such as red snapper, helps reduce mortality. Last year, Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted rules inspired by the DESCEND Act. These regulations apply to all commercial and recreational anglers fishing in state water and require the use of a venting tool or rigged descending device for reef fish exhibiting signs of barotrauma.

Texas Anglers are a crucial aspect of successful fisheries management in Texas and are encouraged to use the My Texas Hunt Harvest App to log their red snapper catches. Anglers can also use the app to log harvested game species, view harvest history, save photos and share harvests on social media. For more information about the My Texas Hunt Harvest App and how to use it, please visit: https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/hunt/hunt-harvest-app/

The Coastal Fisheries Division will provide public notice of the private recreational season closing date before the state’s allotted catch limit has been reached. TPWD will update all communication platforms, including the Outdoor Annualwebsite and social media accounts, when it determines that closing date.


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