Going Back To Fishing’s Roots For Kids This Summer

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May 13, 2024
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There is something special about watching a bobber start moving and then disappear below the surface.

In fact, I daresay if you can’t get excited about seeing that you should consider taking up badminton or underwater basket weaving.

Your enthusiasm for angling is obviously gone.

 When I was a kid, virtually every bobber at the tackle shop was the classic red and white ones with the blue stem. If you put a little weight below it, the red would barely show as it floated in the water with a hunk of dead shrimp below it.

I have been into the technical side of fishing for a number of years and enjoy the intricacies of figuring which lure of the right lure is best to fish on the exact kind of line, rod and reel.

But I also like to sit in a lawn chair on the bank and watch a bobber move along in the current until something pulls it under.

As a child, it was all about catching the longnose gar at the gully down the street from my house. The bobber would start moving back and forth and usually swimming down the canal before they decided to pull it under.

Later it was catching redfish on popping corks out in the marsh.

I am a landbound angler these days without a boat so I have embraced some of the simpler things about fishing. Look, no kid has ever got hooked on fishing by learning to throw a slow-sinking soft plastic.

Keep it simple for them.

The STAR tournament offers an incredible opportunity for families to connect in the great outdoors and to begin with those simple roots of fishing.

A kid with a live shrimp under a popping cork at the jetties might score a scholarship winning sheepshead.

Another fishing squid in the surf might do the same with a big, slimy gafftop.

It doesn’t require a great skillset or a high level of fishing knowledge. It’s a great platform to learn about fishing, get a rod bent and has the great side benefit of perhaps winning a scholarship.

As adults, let’s get back to the red, white and blue basics of sitting in lawn chairs on the side of the road with our kids fishing with the old familiar bobber or maybe a fancy, modern popping cork.

We might never go that direction again in our personal fishing escapades but we certainly can smile on memories of simple fishing times and make sure the kids in our circle of influence can experience the same great times we had.

We owe it to them.

Consider signing your kids and grandkids up to become members of CCA.

Youth Membership (6-17) is $10.00.

The STAR entry will be free, but you must declare that the child wishes to be entered & the child must be a member of CCA to fish the STAR Tournament.

Youth must be six years old sometime during the year of the tournament and up to 17 years old when they enter STAR.

Sign up at startournament.org.

Chester Moore


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