Tips for Casting a Classic: The Wobbling Gold Spoon

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Red drum are known to be suckers for a gold wobbling spoon.

Well okay, the wobbling silver spoon is a classic, too! All too often anglers get caught up with cool new plastics, glittery color patterns, and new-fangled lures that they overlook some very old but very effective lures. This is certainly the case with wobbling spoons.

red drum

Red drum are known to be suckers for a gold wobbling spoon.

A spoon can be cast a country mile, wobbled through the water with grace and appeal, and attracts strikes from virtually every gamefish on the face of the planet. Get the weedless variety and it won’t snag grass nor rock very often at all. Better yet, these lures provide plenty of action and flash just as long as you keep them moving. I’m personally a huge fan of gold when it comes to wobbling spoons, because redfish seem unable to keep away from them. Whichever color you may prefer, however, use these tips and those spoons are sure to produce.

  • Vary the speed of your retrieve when you aren’t getting strikes, because wobbling spoons have a very different action depending on how quickly you crank them back.
  • If your spoon is spinning rather than wobbling, slow things down a bit. You want the wobble.
  • When you’re fishing weedless spoons in heavy weeds or there are lots of weeds on the surface be careful to trim your knot’s tag end to the bare minimum. Most of the time you get fouled, the weeds will be stuck on the knot, not the spoon itself.
  • When you’re fishing around hard structure like rocks don’t be afraid to bounce the spoon right off of the structure as you retrieve. They rarely get snagged, and hitting an algae-covered rock can produce a puff that catches the fish’s eye and looks like a natural critter stirring up the water.

A wobbling spoon may not be your go-to bait, but consider stocking a few in the tacklebox and give ’em a shot when nothing else seems to be working. You might be surprised at just how good this old classic works – especially when the bite is tough.


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