A Look At Moose In Texas

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June 14, 2024

“Why don’t exotic ranches have moose in Texas? Is it too hot?”

That’s a question I recently got from a reader and it’s a good one.

There are animals from all over the planet in Texas on exotic ranches and yet I have never heard of a moose being hunted.

There was at least in the mid 2000s, a man raising moose west of Fort Worth. I’ll keep the name of the facility out of the story as it seems there are no longer moose there but there were plenty of photos and several people online posting about this a few years back.

My guess is Texas is too hot for moose to thrive. As temperatures warm in the north, they are having huge problems in the Upper Midwest including being inundated with ticks.

But as we reported last year there have been other moose “sightings” in Texas.

“About 15 years ago, I saw a moose in Sabin Pass. It was crossing the road just east of the Keith Lake Boat Cut.”

This call from a live edition of my Higher Calling Wildlife broadcast made me chuckle. And it was not because I thought it was a ridiculous claim but that I knew exactly what she saw.

“Mam, what you saw was not a moose. It was an elk.”

I went on to explain that a landowner on the Louisiana side of the pass had released a small herd of elk on his property. I had seen them twice in Lighthouse Cove and others reported seeing them in various locations.

Several of them crossed over to the Texas side and in fact Texas Parks & Wildlife did a capture of some of them citing concern about them bringing CWD to Texas.

But there was actually once a moose in Texas according to a 1989 story in The Oklahoman..

A wandering bull moose that has been seen on occasion in the Oklahoma Panhandle apparently is in deep trouble in western Kansas.

Kansas wildlife officials said the big bull is in poor body condition and appears to be suffering from severe parasite infestation.

The animal, sporting an impressive set of antlers, was first observed in South Dakota in October 1987. Since then it has traveled through Nebraska and Kansas, across the Panhandle and into Texas. It later returned to Kansas and took up residence in the Kirwin National Wildlife Refuge before beginning another journey last fall. It was seen in Oklahoma last September, near the Optima Wildlife Refuge

This stray moose came over from Colorado and shows that wildlife do not respect maps and boundaries we put on them. Have you ever seen animal that is not supposed to be in Texas?

If you have any info on moose on private ranches or elk sightings or photos in Texas email chester@chestermoore.com.


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