A Look At Texas Record Catches For Top Salt & Freshwater Species

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Have you ever wondered if we will ever have new records for the most sought-after species?

Record fish are of course elusive. Records don’t change every year or as you’re about to see every decade. At some point it seems as if there is a cap on the top-end size.

Here are the Texas Parks and Wildlife all tackle records for top species in Texas. Notice these date back to the 1960s with the latest entries being 22 years ago.

Do you think we will ever see records broken for any of these species? Comment below or email cmoore@fishgame.com with your thoughts. Do you think forward-facing sonar could increase the chances of breaking some of these records?

  1. Speckled Trout
    • Record: 15.60 lbs
    • Date: May 2002
    • Angler: Carl “Bud” Rowland
    • Location: Lower Laguna Madre
  2. Largemouth Bass
    • Record: 18.18 lbs
    • Date: January 1992
    • Angler: Barry St. Clair
    • Location: Lake Fork
  3. Flounder
    • Record: 13.00 lbs
    • Date: February 1976
    • Angler: Herbert Endicott
    • Location: Sabine Lake
  4. Redfish
    • Record: 59.50 lbs
    • Date: January 2000
    • Angler: Artie Longron
    • Location: Gulf of Mexico (Sabine Pass)
  5. White Crappie
    • Record: 4.56 lbs
    • Date: Feb. 1968
    • Angler: G.G. Wooderson
    • Location: Navarro Mills Lake
  6. Black Crappie
    • Record: 4.00 lbs
    • Date: Dec. 2002
    • Angler: Hazel Bolton
    • Location: Toledo Bend



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