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Higher Calling Wildlife® an outreach, founded by renowned wildlife journalist & Texas Fish & Game Editor-in-Chief Chester Moore, is thrilled to announce the launch of its “Summer of the Shark” program.

This exciting initiative aims to educate and inspire the next generation of wildlife conservationists by teaching kids about shark conservation.

The program is generously sponsored by the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA).

The “Summer of the Shark” program is designed to provide young people with a deeper understanding of the vital role sharks play in marine ecosystems. Through engaging activities and mentorship, children will learn about the challenges sharks face and the importance of conservation efforts.

Chester Moore and Ericashea Borel from the Wild Wishes program in the cage at the Texas State Aquarium in 2023.

A highlight of the program will be the distribution of gifts to children on beaches this summer. These gifts, which include educational materials and conservation-themed items, aim to make learning about sharks fun and memorable.

Additionally, the program will extend its reach to shark-loving children facing special challenges, such as terminal illnesses, by sending these gifts to them across the country.

“It is exciting to help support a program that does so much in youth outreach within the context of marine conservation,” said CCA President Pat Murray.

“Chester’s vision and work are more than inspirational. He helps guide kids into natural resources conservation while also elevating the important and intricate issues in domestic and international shark management and conservation.”

The Higher Calling Wildlife® outreach has a long-standing commitment to wildlife education and conservation but especially in helping young people.

“CCA’s commitment to this program is enabling us to do some amazing things this summer. This will we’re taking three kids shark snorkeling at the Texas State Aquarium in their shark cage and kicking off the gift-giving part of the program. CCA is vital in making this happen,” Moore said.

“LeeBeth” photo courtesy Chip Michalove/Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

“The three awesome young people we have going with us are inspiring to me and I’m excited to take them out and give out shark education gifts to kick off our summer-long program.”

Moore said inspiration for the program came when “LeeBeth”, a great white shark fitted with a satellite tag by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy (AWSC) popped up on the Texas Coast at South Padre Island.

“When I saw the response to that shark showing up and even my own daughter more engaged than normal on sharks and ocean issues through AWSC’s Sharktivity app, I thought it would be a good time to focus our efforts working with kids on sharks this summer. We’ve done three shark expeditions since 2022 with kids in Texas and Florida and thought we would do something special this year, since we had a special visitor to our coast that got so many kids excited.”

For more information about the “Summer of the Shark” program and how to get involved or connect a kid with the program email or text 409-920-2062.

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