Freshwater Strategies

Doug Pike and I have shared the outdoors desk at the Houston Chronicle for 18 years. During that time, we have enjoyed many angling adventures together. Based on this long-term experience, I feel qualified to state that he knows what he’s doing on the water–and on the page. Being an expert at both disciplines is a big plus for a fishing writer. The reporter who covers “ball sports” does not necessarily have to be qualified on the field, but the best fishing writers are almost always excellent anglers. Anything less, and the knowledgeable reader quickly senses a fraud. Texas is a major fishing market and Pike’s years of networking with top guides and marina operators across the state, as well as major tackle manufacturers around the country, give him and extensive background with the A-Team. That’s “A” as in angling. Dealing with the pros keeps you in the fast track. –Joe Doggett

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