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  1. Roger D. Clifton

    How much and what kind of hardener do you use for gel coat? I ordered gel coat from my boat’s manufacturer, but it came with no hardener, information on use, or gel coat/hardener mixing instructions. Any information will be appreciated. -rdc-

    1. LRudow

      Hi Roger – unfortunately, it will depend on the specific product and will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. It’s a darn shame instructions weren’t included! Have you tried searching through their web site? That said, as a general rule of thumb, about one half ounce of hardener is required per quart. But before using this general guideline, I’d make a serious effort at seeing what the manufacturer recommends. Good luck!

  2. Roger

    Thanks for the information. I will contact Ranger. The problem is I’ll just be using very small amounts to touch up very small areas. (i.e. screw holes and a hole where cables were ran to depth finder, in addition to other small bumps and bruises. The largest area on the bottom of the hull is an area I fiberglassed measuring 4″ X 10″

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