AquaQuad: A Boat with Four Wheel Drive?

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July 3, 2012
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July 17, 2012

If you want a boat like no other with four wheel drive utility, AquaQuad has the ride you’re looking for: the Utility and Exploration vehicle.

This unusual outboard-powered machine is a one-of-a-kind waterborne wonder, mixing boat-like size and features with a PWC-like layout to create a platform which can be used for activities ranging from fishing to backcountry hunting to wakeboarding. Yeah, we think boats which are truely unique are cool – remember the Footprint? Well, here’s another that’s worth checking out.

Unique? Yeah – you could say the AquaQuad is one of a kind.

AquaQuad calls the driving position “command-style,” since the helm is located all the way forward, in the center of the bow. Other Aqua-Quad models have a seat which you straddle, like on a PWC or a motorcycle, but you steer with a wheel instead of handlebars.

To make the AquaQuad more versatile, this 14′ long, 7’2″ wide boat has a solid hull and deck surrounded by an inflatable collar. This makes it impact-resistant and more stable than the norm for a boat of this size, while adding 32.8 cubic feet of floatation. Max power is 75-hp, you can opt for twins, and the rig weighs in at just 495-lbs (without power), so you can tow it with just about anything that rides on four wheels.

The boat’s unusual looks are sure to garner more than a few gawkers at the boat ramp. More importantly, when you load up with up to four passengers, the UTE will be ready for just about any activity you can dream of. So, what’s the down-side? Get ready for sticker shock – with a 60-hp Suzuki four-stroke bolted to the transom and a matched trailer under the keel the AquaQuad lists at $18,888, which is pretty steep for a 14′ boat of any type. Still, if you have the cash and are looking for a do-anything machine that can take a bash, this one fits the bill. And AquaQuad also has one-man, electric-powered, and family-fun models. Check ’em out, at AqauQuad’s web site.

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