Competitive Bass Fishing: Yes, it is a College Sport!

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August 20, 2013
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September 3, 2013

When we think of college sports most of us picture football, basketball, or maybe baseball. But as surprising as this may sound, one of the fastest-growing college sports in the US of A is colligate bass fishing.

Yes folks, this is for real – Texas A&M has its own bass fishing club team, dubbed the Aggie Anglers. They number over 30 students, are a recognized as an official student organization, and compete in a number of tournemants including the Under Armour College Bass National Championship, the Fox College Sports National Collegiate Bass Championship, and the National Guard FLW College Fishing tournament. The Dallas Baptist University anglers, meanwhile, are currently ranked eighth in Cabela’s ACA Scool of the Year standings.

Although college bassing is new (it’s been around as a recognized sport for just over a decade) it does have quite a following. In fact, there are over 300 teams participating.

The biggest problem for college bassers, as you might expect, is funding. They usually have to pony-up for road-trips to tournaments, and are as likely to be casting from a 20 year old pond-hopper as they are to be on a “real” bass boat. Still, this is pretty cool stuff – check out Collegiate Bass Fishing, to find out more.

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