900 Lumens of Indestructible Light!

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October 6, 2013
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October 9, 2013

In the past I’ve covered one of the highest quality flashlights I’ve ever owned – the Elzetta.  The makers of this modular flashlight don’t skimp on anything, and they have created a light that can be trusted with your life.  I’ve seen reviews of them being shot, thrown, frozen, submerged, set on fire and even dropped out of a helicopter at 300′ and these lights just keep on shining thanks to their robust casing and potted electronics.

The Elzetta Charlie Model with 900 Lumens

Now, once again, Elzetta pushes the envelope once more by introducing a unique 900 lumen lamp.  The standard models boasts of 235 lumens, but now you can swap out the modular lamp and bezel for one that will illuminate 650 lumens for 2 cell models and 900 lumens with the 3 cell.

The most impressive part of this new technology is the AVS (Automatic Voltage Sensing) circuitry that senses if you have a 2 or 3 cell flashlight attached and then illuminates either 650 lumens for 90 minutes or 900 lumens for 105 minutes.  That is a very impressive runtime considering the amount of added light.

I promptly mounted my 3 cell to my varmint night rifle and was able to illuminate my entire shooting range at over 100 yards and easily hit all my steel targets.  The following pictures hopefully allow you to see an comparison of the brightness to the standard models and other competitors, they were taken at 50 yards on the same exposure setting on a pitch black night and have not been doctored in any way:

A 2014 Chevy Silvarado illuminated by a standard 235 lumen Elzetta at 50 yards. A 2014 Chevy Silvarado illuminated by a $85 “tactical light” claiming 270 lumens. A 2014 Chevy Silvarado illuminated by a 300 lumen Streamlight, bright beam, but very narrow. A 2014 Chevy Silvarado illuminated by the 900 Lumen Elzetta at 50 yards, notice the generous spillover.

Watch the Elzetta Helicopter Torture Test

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