Politicians Say the Darndest Things (about guns) [VIDEOS]

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January 20, 2014
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February 10, 2014

Several politicians have made headlines recently with their irresponsible, ignorant, and even illegal display of their personal firearms while putting others at risk, yet they face no consequences for their actions.

First we have Jerome M. Hauer, the director of Homeland Security for the state of New York,who recently waved around out his illegally possessed (state law bars state employees from bringing weapons to the workplace) laser equipped Glock in order to use it as a makeshift laser pointer during a presentation.


Next we have State Rep. Leslie “Desk Pop” Combs (D) who discharged her Ruger LCP inside the Capitol annex office striking a bookcase after it ricocheted off the floor while “unloading it”.  She dismissed this negligent discharge with “I am a gun owner… It happens”. No, Leslie, it doesn’t “happen” unless you pull the trigger.  You need some lessons from Governor Perry who used the same pistol in a responsible manner a few years ago to dispatch a coyote while he was on his morning jog.  I don’t remember Perry having a “desk pop” in the capitol building.


Then we have an honorable mention for rabidly anti-gun CA State Senator Kevin de Leon (a Democrat from Los Angeles) who made a real fool of himself at a press conference for his new gun control bill when he demonstrated both his command of the English language and the extent of his firearms knowledge, (as he holds an illegal SBR I might add):

And finally, a classic brought to you by U.S. Representative from New York, Carolyn McCarthy who had no idea of what she is trying ban:

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