You Might Be a Gun Guy if: (Part 2)

Turn Your Fire Extinguisher into a Rocket
July 31, 2014
Hit and Run Flounder (Video)
August 5, 2014
  • The gun shop yells “NORM!” when you enter.
  • The gun shop owners know your kids.
  • You ideal cologne is Hoppes #9.
  • You’re biggest fear is when you die your wife will sell your guns for what you told her you paid for them.
  • You have more guns than your wife has shoes.
  • When watching movies you cry foul when 6 shooters fire 15 rounds and Glocks audibly “cock”.
  • You smile when you see familiar gun terms in car license tags like “556,” “762,” “ACP,” “BMG,” “MOA,” “GUN,” “BUG,” “DAO,” etc.
  • If you spend your lunch break and down time at work prepping brass for reloading.
  • When your family asks what ammo to buy you for Christmas and you say “Surprise me!  If I don’t have a gun that it goes to I’ll get one!”
  • You negotiate manicures for more ammo/accessories with your wife.
  • You notice the gun first on the ‘Blue Press’ catalog.
  • You see items like lamp posts as potential targets at increasing ranges.
  • You think a golf course is a perfectly good waste of a rifle range.
  • Date nights include the shooting range.
  • You hang your kids drawings on the gunsafe.
  • You have to console your 2 year old that she’s not ready to shoot when she keeps crying, “I wanna shoot .22!” when taking the older kids to the range.
  • You have guns you haven’t seen in over 10 years.
  • You have several guns that you have never fired.
  • You have been in gun shops that had less inventory than you.
  • When all your pets are named Winchester, Remington, Ruger, Nitro…
  • There is no one you dislike more than Senator Feinstein, Bloomberg, and his PR puppet Shannon Watts.
  • You tell your wife you only bought two “boxes” of ammo when it was really two cases.

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