Gulf of Mexico Recreational Fisheries to Open January 1, 2015

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December 19, 2014
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January 5, 2015

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council reminds recreational anglers that red grouper, greater amberjack, and gray triggerfish will reopen January 1, 2015.

Red grouper has a 20 inch total length size limit. The bag limit will remain 4-fish per person until a pending rule reducing the bag limit to 2 fish is approved and implemented. The harvest of red grouper is prohibited when fishing beyond the 20-fathom break from February 1 – March 31 (see map below).

Gray triggerfish and greater amberjack have an annual seasonal closure of June 1 – July 31. Size and bag limits are as follows:

Gray triggerfish        14 inch fork length

2 per person/part of the 20-reef fish aggregate

Greater amberjack   30 inch fork length

1 per person

SEASON OPENINGSAll three species have accountability measures in place that require the Regional Administrator to initiate an in-season closure if the quota is met or projected to be met.



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