3D Printed Suppressor! [VIDEO]

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February 26, 2015
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March 2, 2015

The good folks over at West Fork Armory just successfully (and legally with a Class 2 SOT license) manufactured a .22LR suppressor with nothing more than a 3D Printer.  Sure you can make one on your kitchen table with a maglite flashlight tube, but that’s a felony without going through the proper paperwork, taxes, and wait times (infringements).
After 3 hours and 20 minutes of printing they had the following:

Of course it won’t be that durable, but it’s a perfect companion to the 3D printed Liberator pistol.

The idea behind it is to have a .22 suppressor that does not require cleaning.  Instead you just send it in every couple thousand rounds for a replacement baffle stack inside an aluminum tube.




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