Concealed gun proposal for schools

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September 4, 2015
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A voter referendum proposed by Chet Billi, a 17 years old Helena Montana, would allow any school employee in the state to carry a concealed firearm, has been approved by state officials to move forward.

Billi said he’d like to see teachers at all levels, including college, be able to carry concealed guns. “This initiative will empower an armed good guy to be between our children and outside threats the whole time that they are in school. Those who have survived a school shooting know that it could have been stopped had someone been in position to fight back. I shouldn’t be a crime to protect our children.”

The initiative is called Initiative 175 and billed as The Montana School Safety Act.

Montana School Superintendent Denise Juneau says she will not support it.

“Schools are supposed to be safe places for learning and adding guns into that mix threatens that. It just has so much opportunity for crisis to happen that it’s just a bad idea.”


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