Don’t forget the Outdoor Annual App

Toledo Bend Lake #1
August 28, 2015
New artificial reefs
September 3, 2015


Whether your next fishing trip finds you riding a rolling sea or floating a secluded pond, the Outdoor Annual app will keep regulation information at your fingertips. This app even works in areas without internet access.

Use it to find nearby fishing spots, check fishing reports. I.D. catfish, bass and sharks, check bag and length limits and more. When the fish aren’t biting, use it to catch up on the latest fishing news from Texas Parks and Wildlife. You can also use the app to find the types of licenses, permits and stamps available. It’s available on Apple and Android and it’s FREE (always good).

If apps aren’t your thing, you can find the 2015-2016 Outdoor Annual:
in print (wherever licenses are sold) online, in Spanish online, or get a copy at any Law Enforcement office.

Anytime you pack your tackle box, be sure you have an updated Outdoor Annual for instant fishing reports and answers to your regulation questions.

Source: Fish Texas

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