Worst Holster Ever? [VIDEO]

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September 14, 2015
Photo: Silencer Co
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September 16, 2015

Holsters should accomplish two main goals: keep your firearm secure so it doesn’t shift or fall from your person, and cover the trigger guard so there is not an accidental (negligent) discharge.

When I first saw the product video for “The Handgun Sling” I thought “Maybe this was released April 1”.

Nope.  It’s real.

There are fundamental flaws with this “holster”.

  • It doesn’t cover the trigger guard
  • I don’t believe it is secure
  • The draw stroke is cumbersome and slow
  • The 6 o’clock carry position also makes holstering awkward

The first and last points are my greatest concerns.  And with the muzzle issue, not only is the user muzzling himself, but they are placing an obstruction in the barrel hoping that it comes out every time.  Chances are it will always clear.  But do you really wish to take that chance?


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