Popular fishing spot, Rollover Pass, closer to being shut down

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October 29, 2015
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Rollover pass, a fishing spot visited by thousands each year on Bolivar Peninsula, could be another step to closing. At a recent town hall meeting, Galveston County Precinct 1 Commissioner Ryan Dennard announced to his constituents that the county is one step closer to reaching that agreement. The Texas General Land Office is planning to close the pass owned by the Gulf Coast Rod, Reel and Gun Club. Neighbors are not happy for many reasons, but it is not the county who is responsible for closing the pass.

Because the office does not have eminent domain, or the right to take away private property for public use, it needs to go through the county. Even if Galveston County does not agree, it said the General Land Office would go to the state legislature for acquisition rights.

People plan to keep the pass the way it is. “I want to let the General Land Office, county commissioner, county judge know that we do not intend to sell this land,” said Gildcrist Community Association president Ted Vega. “We will fight them, whatever it takes to fight them.”

The man-made strait is celebrating its 60th year since it opened. “It’s a great place for older people to come and have a good time,” said Vega.

The county wants to at least build a park and pier for anglers and families, but people want the pass to remain. “Most people don’t like fishing off a pier,” said Warren Adams, a local business owner in Gilchrist. He said he will lose 25-35 percent of sales because there will be less anglers.

“I don’t like it,” said fisherman Thomas Mosely from Houston. “I like to fish here. And I’d hate to see it close down.”

The Texas General Land Office and Galveston County expect to reach an agreement by the end of the year to build the park and pier over it.

Source: KHOU TV
Photo: texasfishingforum.com


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