Armed Citizens Open Fire and Stop Barbershop Robbery [VIDEO]

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January 20, 2016
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January 31, 2016

With the restrictions against open carry relinquished in the state of Texas we have seen a movement by several businesses not only banning open carry but concealed carry at their establishments.  I have warned time and again that doing so only puts that business at risk because frankly: criminals don’t give a hoot about your pretty little sign.

Further, banning law abiding citizens from having the best means to defend themselves will likely result in a loss of business traffic according to this poll.

Recently, a robbery attempt at a South Carolina barbershop was halted when two armed citizens stood their ground and opened fire on two armed robbers. Watch the video: – Columbia, South Carolina

In the video you can see the occupants playing it cool at first, and then we see one open fire on both robbers when given the opportunity.  From one witness’s account: “He smacked me in the back of my head, and I said, ‘Okay, this is probably when he’s going to shoot me now and just sent an example and walk on out the door with the money,'” Harris said. “But that’s when my man let loose. That’s when everybody else had their stuff and was ready to take care of business.”

Get training.  Stay armed.  Be vigilant.  Pray hard.  Shoot straight.

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